We make all our tanks with a passion for steel and a love for the planet.
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Select Water Tanks is a privately owned, Australian company based in Logan Village, Queensland.  Our mission is to advance rainwater harvesting through the manufacture of premium quality stainless steel water tanks and partnerships with industry leading suppliers of system accessories including pumps and filtration.

unbeatable value

Stainless Steel water tanks have a minimum life of 30 years.  We would expect them to last much longer with regular maintenance.  This extended life makes stainless steel an unbeatable choice for value.  In most cases, a stainless steel water tank will be more cost effective over its life cycle than a cheap Polyethylene water tank.

Collection of stainless steel water tanks

If you would like more information on rain harvesting or help picking the best rain water tank for you, please call us on (07) 5546 8571.