We make all our tanks with a passion for steel and a love for the planet.
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Best Brisbane Water Tanks

We are a proudly Australian owned company, specialising in Stainless Steel Water Tanks. We realise that one size does not necessarily fit all. Specialising in custom built metal water tanks means we can offer much more possible variations allowing your rainwater harvesting unit to serve any required purpose. We offer Brisbane Water Tanks for home and business use, rural areas, communities and property development.

Highest Quality Metal Water Tanks

We pride our self on the highest quality metal water storage units on the market. We know that creating the highest quality steel specifically designed for water storage is essential. We promise that our Aquaplate metal units will be extremely durable and hardy. Found to be resistant to all kinds of weather, these custom metal water tanks will not corrode or crack, providing a quality product for decades. These stainless steel water storage units can be manufactured and installed for the purpose of rainwater collection. “We make all our products with a passion for steel and a love for the planet”.

We custom build quality rain water tanks Brisbane for rural communities, property developments and homes. Contact us to Get a Quote from our team.


If you would like more information on rain harvesting or help picking the best rain water tank for you, please call us on (07) 5546 8571.