Aquaplate Steel Water Tanks

From 500 to 40,000 Litres







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Select Water Tanks manufactures hand-crafted steel water tanks … but we offer so much more.

With many years in the rainwater harvesting industry we understand how your water tank works with the rest of the system.  We can help you choose the right pump and filtration for your circumstances and offer advice on ensuring only clean water gets into your tank.

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Built for Australian Conditions

Aquaplate Steel is built to withstand the harsh Australian climate.  Unlike Poly water tanks Aquaplate Steel does not degrade under Ultra Violet light.

The Perfect Fit

Aquaplate Steel water tanks can be manufactured to custom specifications.  That’s thousands of potential sizes.  There’s sure to be one that suits your property.

Made to Order

Every water tank we manufacture at Select Water Tanks is made to order.  This means you get the perfect size, with the right fittings where you need them, and in a genuine Colorbond finish.

What is Aquaplate?

Traditional Galvanized Steel With Polymer Laminate

Aquaplate steel, developed by BlueScope Steel, is a laminated, galvanized steel product with exceptional durability and corrosion resistance.  The food grade polymer lining meets the stringent quality requirements for water storage and ensures water is never in contact with the steel.  Aquaplate does not degrade under Ultra Violet light and is available in a number of genuine Colorbond finishes.

Choose from the following genuine Colorbond® finishes:

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Craig Reading has over 15 years experience in the rainwater harvesting industry with a great understanding or water tank design and manufacture, water tank installation, pumps, filtration and system maintenance.  He’s waiting for your call!