Plastic vs. Stainless Steel Water Tanks

Rain Water Harvesting Storage Tanks

Stainless Steel Water Tanks

Aquaplate metal water storage units are extremely durable and hardy. These are best rain water harvesting systems that Brisbane has to offer as they are found to be resistant to all kinds of weather. Also, these stainless steel units will generally not corrode or crack, providing a quality product for decades.

Other materials are very susceptible to UV radiation and heat from the sun. However, stainless steel water tanks keep your water cooler and prevent potentially harmful bacteria and mould growths forming unlike other materials such as plastic. When it comes to reliability, quality and durability Aquaplate metal units can’t be beaten! These stainless steel rain water harvesting systems are perfect for rain water collection at homes, businesses and in rural communities.

Plastic Rain Water Storage Units

Plastic water storage is the quick and easy fix to your water storage problems. Plastic units have only been in production for the past 10 years, and as of yet the long term affects of the product is not known.

However, it is common knowledge that plastic is highly susceptible to damage from fire. Moreover, plastic rain water hervesting systems absorb heat from the sunlight which raises the temperature of the stored water. Warm water in a dark confined space is a perfect breeding ground for algae, mould and bacteria, which needless to say can be very unsafe to consume. Don't risk your families health with plastic water storage units.

Not only do plastic water tanks depreciate in value by $100 a year, you also have to consider the cost for environmental friendly disposal at the end of the product's lifetime.

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What our customers have to say:

I can certainly recommend Select Water Tanks. Their product is exceptional quality and we were so pleased with the installation process. Nothing was too much trouble for their team despite us living remotely from their factory.

- Steve Fisher (Kilcoy)

We are extremely happy with the finished product, and Scott went to great lengths to ensure that we received exactly what we were looking for. After much research, it was clear that Stainless Steel was the only way to go, and we were pleasantly surprised by how cost effective it was. I am more than happy to recommend Scott and his team at Select Water Tanks.

- Brendan Johnson (Gold Coast)

I can highly recommend Select Water tanks for their stainless steel water tanks. I have purchased a number of tanks from them over the last few years ranging from 5,000 litre to 50,000 litre and have found their quality and service to be excellent. I believe that these stainless steel tanks are the best value proposition for anyone interested in health and long-lasting quality products.

- Dr David Bedford