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Standard Tank Range

All stainless steel water tanks come with a 30 Year Warranty, and are fitted with a screened strainer, mosquito-proof overflow, and a 25mm outlet. The measurements below are in mm.

Capacity (Litres) Dimensions (mm) Item Codes
Aquaplate® Steel Grade 304 Stainless Steel Grace 316 Stainless Steel
1,180 550W x 1500L x 1560H ASL-1180 304SL-1180 316SL-1180
1,580 700W x 1600L x 1560H ASL-1580 304SL-1580 316SL-1580
2,150 850W x 1800L x 1560H ASL-2150 304SL-2150 316SL-2150
2,090 650W x 2200L x 1560H ASL-2090 304SL-2090 316SL-2090
2,120 800W x 1600L x 1860H ASL-2120 304SL-2120 316SL-2120
3,200 650W x 2800L x 1860H ASL-3200 SKINNY 304SL-3200 SKINNY 316SL-3200 SKINNY
3,320 750W x 3000L x 1560H ASL-3320 304SL-3320 316SL-3320
3,200 850W x 2600L x 1560H ASL-3200 STD 304SL-3200 STD 316SL-3200 STD
3,030 850W x 2100L x 1860H ASL-3030 304SL-3030 316SL-3030
5,080 700W x 4800L x 1560H ASL-5080 304SL-5080 316SL-5080
5,010 700W x 4000L x 1860H ASL-5010 304SL-5010 316SL-5010
5,030 1150W x 2600L x 1860H ASL-5030 304SL-5030 316SL-5030
5,300 950W x 3200L x 1860H ASL-5300 304SL-5300 316SL-5300
5,120 1150W x 3100L x 1560H ASL-5120 304SL-5120 316SL-5120
7,600 1150W x 3100L x 1560H ASL-7600 304SL-7600 316SL-7600
10,000 1150W x 4000L x 2320H ASL-10000 304SL-10000 316SL-10000
Capacity (Litres) Dimensions (mm) Item Codes
Aquaplate® Steel Grade 304 Stainless Steel Grace 316 Stainless Steel
2,070 1300DIA-1560H AR-2070 304R-2070 AR-2070
3,140 1600DIA-1560 AR-3140 304R-3140 316R-3140
3,290 1500DIA-1860 AR-3290 304R-3290 316R-3290
3,080 1300DIA-2350H AR-3080 304R-3080 316R-3080
5,150 2050DIA-1560H AR-5150 304R-5150 316R-5150
5,280 1900DIA-1860H AR-5280 304R-5280 316R-5280
5,270 1700DIA-2350H AR-5270 304R-5270 316R-5270
7,730 2300DIA-1860H AR-7730 304R-7730 316R-7730
10,300 2900DIA-1560H AR-10300 304R-10300 316R-10300
10,500 2400DIA-2350H AR-10500 304R-10500 316R-10500
10,650 2700DIA-1860H AR-10650 304R-10650 316R-10650
15,000 3500DIA-1560H AR-15000 304R-15000 316R-15000
15,100 3200DIA-1860H AR-14960 304R-14960 316R-14960
15,300 2900DIA-2350H AR-15300 304R-15300 316R-15300
17,900 3500DIA-1860H AR-17900 304R-17900 316R-17900
22,400 3900DIA-1860H AR-22400 304R-22400 316R-22400
22,600 3500DIA-2350H AR-22600 304R-22600 316R-22600
29,800 3500DIA-3100H AR-29800 304R-29800 316R-29800
31,500 3600DIA-3100H AR-31500 304R-31500 316R-31500
37,000 3900DIA-3100H AR-37000 304R-37000 316R-37000
39,000 4000DIA-3100H AR-39000 304R-39000 316R-39000

Note: If you can not find the tank size you are looking for, please contact our Sales Staff. They will be happy to quote on any size tank.

For more information, assistance or a quick quote, please call us on (07) 5546 8571 or send us an email via our contact page.

  • Please enquire for other sizes as we manufacture tanks in diameters from 1200mm to 4000mm and height increment of 800mm, 1230mm, 1570mm. 1880mm, 2350mm, 2660mm, 3100mm.
  • Delivery charge may apply.
  • Rainwater tanks over 23000 L (5100gal) require a crane to install.

We are the largest manufacturer of stainless rainwater tanks in Australia and offer tanks at the most competitive price. If you find a verifiable cheaper quote for a stainless tank we promise to beat this quote by $50.

Please contact Scott on 0418 878 178 if you find a cheaper stainless tank or require some advice on the tank size that best suits you.

Optional Extras

Additional outlets, up to 2 inches (50mm)
Note: Outlets bigger than 2 inches require a quote.
Bucket tap (additional outlet 500mm up with level cock)
Note: Only 1 inch outlet (25mm) is in stainless steel
Additional 90mm overflow $20
Additional 100mm overflow $30
Electronic level gauge $193
Mechanical level gauge $105
Screwed inspection lid additional $80
Screwed lid instead of inlet strainer $40


The Local, State and Federal Government rebate programs have all recently ended.

Warranties & Guides

Our Stainless Steel Water Tanks installation guide will provide you with useful information about the preferred location and installation of the tank, and considerations when filling your tank.

For more information about what is covered by our rainwater tank guarantee, please refer to our Stainless Steel Rainwater Tank Warranty.

Disclaimer: All tank/s sizes are approximate capacity only, and may vary. Select Water Tanks hold the right to discontinue any tank product and/or change pricing without notice.

If you would like more information on rain harvesting or help picking the best rain water tank for you, please call us on (07) 5546 8571.