Are stainless steel rainwater tanks expensive?

Many people think that stainless steel rainwater tanks are quite expensive to make and buy. This is not true.

One reason they are not so expensive is that we use much the same process to make stainless steel tanks as we do when we are making tanks out of Aquaplate / Colourbond.

Stainless steel itself is not made in Australia but we are able to buy in bulk and competitively from countries like Taiwan and Italy. Select can keep costs down because we have a special process where we process the raw stainless steel ourselves in our factory.

So our stainless steel rainwater tanks can be built for a competitive price when we compare them with those made from Aquaplate / Colourbond. On average the price differential averages out to be around only $700 more for a stainless steel compared to a similiar size one made from Aquaplate / Colourbond.

For example, for a round tank of 10,000 litres, the cost is approximately only $500 more for a stainless steel tank over a tank made from Aquaplate / Colourbond. For a 20,000 litre round tank the price difference is approximately $1,000.

Slimline tanks require the use of stainless steel rods to ensure they are strong. Consequentially the price differential is slightly larger. For example, for a 10,000 litre slimline tank, the differential is around $1,000

Click here for a full range of prices for a range of popular sizes for both round and slimline stainless-steel tanks.


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