How To Set Up A Fire Fighting Pump

by Sep 7, 2020Bushfire Protection, Help & Advice

How to set up a Fire Fighting Pump

When bushfires threaten, you can be well prepared. This would include having a fire-resistant Stainless Steel Water Tank(s) coupled with a Fire Fighting Pump.

University research has shown that Stainless Steel Water Tanks maintain their structural integrity during a bush fire. But it is also important to have Fire Fighting Pumps which do not depend on the supply of electricity for it to pump water.

Our Fire Fighting Water Pumps are petrol driven and come with a range of features including: a roll cage for easy lifting, mobility and stability, cast iron cylinder liners for longer life, lo-tone mufflers for noise reduction, rubber mounted feet for better stability, low emissions to recognized standards, a low-oil sensor, a spark arrester with deflector, and a heavy duty fuel cap.

If possible, set up the Fire Fighting Water Pump close to a source of water such as a tank, swimming pool or pond, so that it minimizes the effort put into the suction of the water from the source and maximises the output of water through the fire hose(s).

If the Fire Pump is near a pool or pond then the suction hose with its built-in strainer can simply be dropped into the water source. If it is near a Stainless Steel Water Tank then you can fit the suction hose to the tank outlet ball valve via a normal fitting or with the fire-fighting compliant outlet fittings which enable water tanks to be linked up with the local fire brigade’s equipment.

The size and location of the Fire Fighting Water Pump and the height and distance the water needs to travel, will determine the pressure of the water in the hose. A regular garden hose dispenses water at 30-40 PSI (pressure per square inch). That water pressure will vary according to the height (Head) and distance the water needs to travel from the water source to where it is dispensed. See table below for a brief guide

Bianco Vulcan Pump Max Head (Height) Max Flow Max Pressure
6.5HP Twin Impeller 78 Metres 300 Litres per min 110 PSI
6.5HP Single Impeller 58 Metres 300 Litres per min 82 PSI
3HP Single Impeller 24 Metres 300 Litres per min 34 PSI

Your Fire Fighting Water Pump Kit comes with one suction hose and one fire-fighting delivery hose for the 3.0 HP version, and one suction hose and two fire-fighting delivery hoses for each of the 6.0 HP versions.

With these 6.0 HP Pumps you can disperse the water from two different hoses simultaneously. For example, some people use one of the hoses to feed a sprinkler system with the other hose ready to hose down any spot fires.

You will need to discuss with us what fitting you will need for the suction hose if you intend joining it to your Stainless Steel Water Tank. The fitting required will be different if you have the normal ball valve outlet or the special fire-fighting outlet to hook up to the local fire brigade in NSW or Qld.

As well as being used for fire fighting, the Fire Fighting Water Pumps can be used for a range of general purposes such as: water transfer, cleaning, and agricultural and horticultural applications.