Hybrid Housing Mk2





Consists of
  • Pump   A revolutionary variable speed pump designed to supply constant pressure and energy savings
  • Filtration System   Contains a washable sediment remover AND a carbon cartridge to reduce taste, odour and chemicals
  • UV Steriliser   Kills 99% of bacteria with Radfire ultraviolet technology, a natural purification process that’s completely eco-friendly and chemical free
  • Smart Control Panel   Monitors the total running days of the UV unit and the lamp life with an audible and visible failure alarm
  • Housing   Completely encased in grade 304 stainless steel with a detachable lid – Dimensions: L 660mm x W 450mm X H 1020mm



The Hybrid Housing Mk2 has also been developed for ease of installation in flexible locations and can be positioned in an optimal location to suit your specific needs.

It can be situated:

  • Next to the tank(s) which can be any distance from your building
  • Next to your building
  • Anywhere along the line from the tank(s) to the building

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I purchased a Hybrid Housing Mk 2 from Select Water Tanks for my property in Northern NSW. I could position the unit where I wanted and being able to house the filtration, UV equipment and pump in a weather tight enclosure was a game changer for me to keep everything secure, neat and tidy . Together with my stainless steel tanks, I can rest assured my family has a reliable and safe source of water for years to come

Lee Stevens

Healthy Adobe Living, Byron Bay

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