Included and additional fittings






Select Water Tanks come complete with the following three fittings at no additional cost – inlet, overflow and outlet. Upon ordering your tank(s) you will be asked to place on a diagram where you want the fittings located


Rainwater enters the tank through the inlet on the lid of the water tank. Typically the inlet fits a 400mm diameter strainer (other sizes include 300mm and 400mm). Select Water Tanks supplies a 400mm inlet with strainer and light guard as standard. The light guard prevents your rainwater from exposure to Ultra Violet light which encourages algae


Each water tank is fitted with a 25MM OUTLET and ball valve at the base of the tank.


Each water tank requires an overflow connection point installed at the
top of the wall, directly under the lid. Water tanks with a capacity of 10,000 or less are fitted with a 90mm PVC corrugated overflow body. Larger tanks are fitted with a 100mm overflow body. A mosquito proof gauze is supplied with each overflow.

Additional fittings – Optional

Best practice for larger tanks is to also include a High suction (HS) fitting. This is a 50mm outlet and ball valve installed another corrugation above. This allows for efficient water balancing when other tanks are connected. The HS Fitting also protects the pumps and internal water appliances as it draws only clean water from above the sludge / anaerobic level.

You may also wish to purchase a Bucket Tap for example, where the tap is placed high enough from the base to allow a bucket to be placed under the tap.


Other additional fittings can also be purchased. These could include:

• 50 mm outlet
• 50 mm outlet with ball valve – High Suction (HS) fitting
• 50 mm outlet with ball valve and camlock (Fire fighting Qld)
• 50 mm outlet with ball valve and storz (Fire fighting NSW)
• Extra 90/100 mm overflow
• Extra 25 mm outlet
• Extra 25 mm outlet with ball valve
• Extra 400 mm input strainer
• 450 mm screwed lid (vented)
• 450 mm screwed lid (if replacing 400 mm inlet strainer)
• 650 mm screwed lid
• 150 mm overflow
• 25 mm outlet Bucket Tap

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