Steel Water Tanks: The Planet-Friendly Choice

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Australia has been facing droughts year after year for decades, and with climate change and our growing population, it’s only expected to get worse. Water tanks are an increasingly common sight in the backyards of Aussie homes, and outside of commercial and industrial buildings as well.

Why Steel Water Tanks are a Great Choice


Investing in Water Tank(s) for homes and buisnesses makes a lot of sense, both from an environmental perspective and a pocket-friendly perspective: a well-made stainless steel water tank can be expected to last for 30 or more years, delivering your family up to 20% water conservation. To give you an idea of what the world freshwater crisis will look like three decades from now, it’s worth noting that the world population is predicted to grow to 10 billion by then, without any increase in the world’s available fresh water; at the same time, our climate will be hotter, and water restrictions will be more of a part of daily life.

So, what do you need to know about choosing a water tank? The construction materials are very important, particularly in terms of durability. The majority of water tanks are made from materials that will generally degrade over the years because of sun exposure, and if they’ve degraded to the point that they can no longer contain water, they’re no longer very recyclable either. They’ll usually last about 15 years. Concrete water tanks can last several decades, but are significantly more expensive. Fibreglass water tanks are a relatively rare sight, but their size isn’t very customisable. Unfortunately, they’re generally not recyclable, and tend to end up as landfill.

At Select Water Tanks, we manufacture stainless steel & colorbond steel water tanks that look great, last longer, heathier, bushfire resistant and recyclable. They come with a 30-year non-corrosion warrranty. We also offer colorbond water tanks, which are great value for money, and come with a 20-year non corrosion warranty and a 10-year manufacturer warranty. When you think about how much water you’ll save over 10 to 30 years, it’s exciting to think that this initial investment can make such a difference to Australia’s water future; and decades from now when they’ve reach their end-of-life, they can be recycled.

If you’re thinking of using the water that is stored in your tank as drinking water, ensure the construction materials are food-grade. Rainwater is safe to drink if it’s not contaminated and having a filtration system installed, it will take out any possible “nasties” for you.

Want to know more about water tanks, how much rainwater you can save and more? Please do contact us for expert advice, and service.

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