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Stormwater Detention Tanks

Stormwater Detention and Retention Water Tanks - Used for retention and detention systems to control and manage stormwater run off.

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Stormwater Detention Tanks

Some local Councils have a requirement where they are wanting effective stormwater planning which may require you to install a Stormwater Detention tank.

Stormwater Detention tanks are designed to catch the fast-flowing water run off before it impacts on the environment through causing erosion and/or damage to infrastructure as well as potential flooding.

Stormwater Detention tanks catch the fast-flowing water and detain it temporarily in the tank but also they are specially fitted with a valve that will release the water slowly over time. Because the water is released at a much slower speed, the chances of it causing damage to the environment or flooding is minimized and water runoff can be better managed.

Sometimes a Stormwater Detention tank is a stand-alone tank but mostly it is combined with a retention tank.

A Retention Water tank is the normal water tank that is installed to catch or harvest rainwater (often from your roof via gutters and pipes) so you can store it and use it whenever you want to in the future for a wide range of purposes such as cleaning, irrigation and household purposes.

In a very heavy storm however, Water Retention tanks can quickly fill up and overflow. Stormwater Detention tanks usually release water over a period of time so that space can be kept in them to detain the water from future heavy storms.

Stormwater Detention Tank
Round Stormwater Detention Tanks
Stormwater Detention-Tank Slimline

Slimline Stormwater Detention Tanks

Stormwater Detention System

Select Water Tanks can build you a Stormwater Detention tank, a Rainwater Retention tank or tanks and/or a combination of a Stormwater Detention and Rainwater Retention tank or tanks to your specification.

They can be either round or slimline in shape, and they can be made from: Premium grade 304 Stainless Steel, Marine grade 316 Stainless Steel, or Aquaplate /Colorbond in a variety of colours.

Select Water Tanks can build your tank or tanks to a wide range of sizes and will also place the fittings (Inlet, Overflow, Outlet, and Detention Valve) to suit your specific requirements. Some indicative prices for a range of popular size water tanks can be found at on our water tank pricing page.

If you are combining the two purposes then you might have a 5,000 litre water tank where you use the bottom 4,000 litres for your garden and cleaning etc while keeping the top 1,000 litres available to catch and detain the sudden rush of stormwater and then release it into the environment via drains etc at a much slower speed.