Whole of House Sytems

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Whole of House System is a complete rainwater harvesting system designed to deliver pure, clean rainwater to every appliance in the house with constant pressure.


System Inclusions:

The centre piece of the Whole of House System is one or more Stainless Steel water tanks.  Each tank is fitted with a Maelstrom self-cleaning, high flow inlet strainer, 25mm base outlet and ball valve, 50mm high suction outlet and ball valve for balance line connection and 100mm mosquito proof overflow.

Your rain water is delivered by a Grundfos Scala2 variable speed pump.  The Scala2 adjusts its performance according to water demand meaning you always get constant pressure at your taps and water appliances.  A revolution in domestic water pumps this water cooled pump is quiet and extremely energy efficient.

Finally your rainwater is polished by the Puretec Hybrid G6 triple stage filtration system.  In addition to killing 99.99% of bacteria with UV rays, the G6 filters out chemicals as well as sediment and anything else that manages to pass through the pre-tank water quality devices.  This not only makes your water taste and smell great, but also prolongs the life of your household appliances.


Maelstrom Hi Flow Inlet Strainer

Self cleaning inlet strainer with two levels of filtration that can manage very high flows of rainwater.


Maelstrom’s ultra fine 180 micron filter removes particles five times smaller than standard rain heads and inlet screens.


Even at rapid flow rates of 600 litres per minute, the Maelstrom retains 96% water catchment efficiency.


Filtering multiple lines at a singular point is a simple way to keep tanks filled to the max.

Grundfos Scala2

Robust, composite, self-priming booster pump that adjusts performance according to water demand, providing constant pressure to all taps regardless of variation in demand or inlet pressure

Grundfos Scala 2 Features:

  • 1 x 240 V, 50 Hz
  • Variable speed
  • Intelligent pump control
  • One size fits most
  • Compact and easy to install
  • Integrated non-return valve for back-flow prevention



PureTec Hybrid G6

Three Stage Filtration including UV Sterilisation

Kills 99.99% of Bacteria

Thanks to its advanced UV technology – called Radfire – the Hybrid Series kills 99.99% of bacteria.  Nothing else even comes close.  Radfire is a natural water purification process that’s eco friendly and completely chemical free.  So you get safe, purified water at every outlet in the house.

It Filters Your Water Too

The Hybrid Series combines two technologies to clean your water.  In addition to killing 99.99% of bacteria with UV rays, it filters out sediment and anything else that manages to pass through your rainwater tank’s coarser inlet strainer. This not only makes your water safe but it prolongs the life of your water appliances.

Longer Life Filter

The Hybrid Series incorporates Puretec’s long life filter technology so you can go longer between filter replacements and comes with a 3 Year Platinum Protection Warranty

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