Why Stainless Steel?

Longer Lasting

A Select Stainless Steel water tank has a minimum life of 30 years.  The corrosion resistance properties of Stainless Steel means the tank will not only last for a long time but it will always look brand new.


Stainless Steel is the choice of Australia’s world class food processing, catering and medical industries as it is an inert material that is easy to clean and maintain.  Stainless Steel will not taint the taste of your water nor leach any foreign chemicals.

Cost Effective

Over its life cycle, a Stainless Steel water tank with 30 year warranty ultimately costs less than a cheaper water tank.


Stainless Steel is a favourite material of architects and designers of beautiful homes.  Your Stainless Steel tank will maintain its appearance for its natural life.


Select’s Stainless Steel water tanks are all steel, no plastic.  It has a low carbon emissions foot print in production and is fully recyclable.  In fact, most Stainless Steel includes a significant proportion of previously recycled steel.

Fully Recyclable

Stainless Steel tanks are 100% recyclable.  The main alloying elements of stainless steel (chromium, nickel and molybdenum) are all highly valuable and can be easily be recovered and separated from other materials.


“I needed a water tank that would have a good visual impact from the road, would fit neatly under my front verandah and steps, yet be large enough to provide sufficient water for me to look after my attractive front garden.
Jason and his team did a great job in building and neatly fitting a good-sized stainless steel water tank which is doing the job very well.”

Tod McEwan

Brisbane, 2018

Our four main products are:

Grade 304 Stainless Steel

Nothing beats Stainless Steel for durability, hygiene, sustainability and appearance!

Aquaplate® Steel

Available in a range of genuine Colorbond finishes.  From 500 to 40,000 litres.

Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel

High-grade stainless steel for extra corrosion protection.

Whole of House systems

45,000 litres of capacity, variable speed pump and three stage filtration.

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