Stainless Steel & Aquaplate Steel Water Tanks

Longer Lasting, Better Looking, Healthier Water Tanks!

Rainwater Harvesting System Packages

Pumps, Filtration & Water Quality Devices Packaged with Our Tanks.

More Than Just a Manufacturer of Premium Water Tanks


Select Water Tanks manufactures hand-crafted steel water tanks … but we offer so much more. With many years in the rainwater harvesting industry we understand how your water tank works with the rest of the rain harvesting system.  We can help you choose the right pump and filtration for your circumstances and offer advice on ensuring only clean water gets into your tank. Call one of our rainwater harvesting system experts today!

Our Water Tanks

Grade 304 Stainless Steel

Nothing beats Stainless Steel for durability, hygiene, sustainability and appearance!

Marine Grade Stainless

Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel for extra corrosion protection.

Aquaplate® Steel

Available in a range of genuine Colorbond finishes.  From 500 to 40,000 litres.

Whole-of-House Systems

45,000 litres of capacity, variable speed pump and three stage filtration.

Need Advice or a Price?

We love talking tanks!

If you need a hand selecting the right water tank, pump or accessories, we are happy to help.

Call Select Water Tanks on 07 5546 8571 or click the link below.

Pumps, Filtration & Accessories

Rainwater Pumps

Full range of domestic rainwater harvesting pumps from world leaders Grundfos.

Post Pump Filtration

From single to 4 stage filtration including UV from Puretec.

Pre Tank Filtration

A good rainwater harvesting systems has at least 3 Filtration Stations before the water tank.

Quality Guaranteed

Our Stainless Steel water tanks have a minimum life of 30 years.

Unbeatable Value For Money

A Stainless Steel water tank from Select has a minimum life of 30 years. The extended life of our water tanks means they are more cost effective than cheaper tanks.

Sizes & Prices


Select Water Tanks is a team of rainwater harvesting specialists with 25 years manufacturing experience.


We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality steel water tanks backed by 30 years warranty.


We are the first Australian company to design and manufacture stainless steel water tanks.


Work directly with the water tank experts, the owners of Select Water Tanks, to help you find the perfect solution for your rainwater harvesting system needs.


“I can highly recommend Select Water Tanks for their Stainless Steel water tanks. I have purchased a number of tanks from them over the last few years ranging from 5,000 litres to 40,000 litres and have found their quality and service to be excellent.  I believe that these Stainless Steel tanks are the best value proposition for anyone interested in health and long lasting quality products.”

Dr David Bedford

Milton, Brisbane

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