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Select Water Tanks has a huge range of quality steel rainwater tanks, all at factory-direct prices and backed by 15+ years experience. Call us today for your free Quote.

Stainless Steel Water Tanks | Stainless Water Tank

Stainless Steel Water Tanks are what Select Water Tanks do best! We are a family-owned Australian company based in Logan Village, south of Brisbane. All of our water tanks are custom made in our factory which allows us to deliver the highest quality water tanks at the very best price.

Our mission is to build high-quality Round and Slimline Water Tanks  from Stainless Steel or Colorbond and we work with industry-leading suppliers of accessories and fittings to include high quality rainwater tank pumps & filtration systems.

Tailored Solutions

We find the perfect solution for your rainwater harvesting system needs.

Quality Guaranteed

Highest quality Stainless steel water tanks backed by 30 years non corrosion warranty. Our Aquaplate Tanks are backed by 20-years non corrosion warranty.

Industry Leading

We are the first Australian company to design and manufacture stainless steel water tanks.

Popular Rainwater Tank Sizes

2000 Litre Water Tanks

2000 Litre Water Tanks

2000 Litre Water Tanks | Custom Made | 1000’s of Dimensions Available | Full 2000 Litre Tank Price Lists | Delivered to Your Door

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3000 Litre Water Tanks

3000 Litre Water Tanks

3000 Litre Water Tanks | Full Price Lists & Dimensions | Manufactured and delivered direct from our Brisbane Factory | Great Prices & Service

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5000 Litre Water Tanks

5000 Litre Water Tanks

5000 Litre Water Tank | Stainless Steel | Colorbond | Custom Made to all Dimensions | Delivered Direct to Your Door | Great Service & Price

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10000 Litre Water Tanks

10000 Litre Water Tanks

10000 Litre Water Tank | 2000 Gallon Water Tank | Great Size for Homes | Commercial & Farming | Buy direct from our Brisbane Factory

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20000 Litre Water Tanks

20000 Litre Water Tanks

20000 Litre Water Tank | 4400 Gallon Water Tank | Full Price Lists | Size & Dimension Examples | Factory Direct – Great Prices & Service

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Rainwater Tank Delivery Service

Select Water Tanks can deliver your water tank to your door. For all Brisbane & Surrounding Areas that are within 50km of our South Brisbane Factory our Delivery Fees are $180 for Standard & $220 for Oversized Loads. For distances further than 50km please refer to our latest service delivery fees below.

Our Stainless Steel & Colorbond Tank Warranty

Stainless Steel Water Tanks 30 Year WarrantyStainless Steel Water Tank Warranty

For the grade 304 and marine grade 316 stainless water tanks there is a 30-year minimum warranty due to corrosion and 15 years construction warranty.

20 Year Colorbond Warranty Select Water TanksColorbond Steel Water Tank Warranty

For the Colorbond steel water tanks there is a 20-year warranty due to corrosion and a 10 year construction warranty.

Steel Water Tank Sizes & Dimensions

Custom water tanks is what we do and we have thousands of different sizes available for all requirements. Different sites have different rainwater harvesting challenges. See the diagrams to find the range of dimensions on offer. We can custom make a water tank to fit your site
Round Water Tanks

Please note: Tanks larger than 3500mm diameter have a max height of 2350mm

Slimline Water Tanks

Please note: not all dimension combinations are available

Learn more about our huge range of sizes we can offer below.

Whatever the challenges Select Water Tanks will help find you the perfect solution.

Perfect & Ideal for Fitting Under the Deck or Under Houses.

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Our slimline water tanks can be built to custom sizes, achieving capacities from 150 litres to 8,523 litres.

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Simline Water Tank

A slimline water tank is a tank built to narrow dimensions to suit your urban home.

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Urban Slimline Water Tank

Colorbond Tanks are a perfect choice if your looking to match your tank to your property.

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Colorbond Paperbark Finish

Puretec Hybrid Plus Filtration System

We are suppliers of the Puretec range of filtration systems and the Puretec Hybrid Plus Filtration Systems. The Hybrid Plus Series is a complete "All in One filtration system” designed to deliver pure, clean rainwater to every appliance in the house with constant pressure.

  • Complete plug & play package with pump, filters & UV in one unit
  • 99.9% Bacteria protection
  • Suitable for other water supplies 
Puretec Hybrid P6 Select Water Tanks

Our Range of Steel Water Tank Accessories 

Stainless Steel Water Tanks - water pump

Rainwater Tank Pumps

Pump water out of your rainwater tank and provide pressurised water flow to your house and garden taps. We supply a leading range for all applications both for your home and garden.

Stainless Steel Water Tanks - Fire pump

Fire Fighting Pumps

Protect your home and what matters with our range of next generation petrol powered fire pumps. Our fire fighting pumps are ideal for fire prevention of properties and farms where power is not readily available.

Stainless Steel Water Tanks - Tank Fittings

Water Tank Outlet Fittings

All Our Stainless Steel Water Tanks Come with Three Standard Inclusions. Rainwater Inlet, Mosquito-proof overflow, Ball value. We also offer a number of additional fittings.

Why Stainless Steel Water Tanks are a great choice

At Select Water Tanks we firmly believe that Stainless Steel Water tanks are the best choice for a number of reasons. They’re longer-lasting, offer you fantastic value for money over their lifespan, and at the end of their life are fully recyclable – better for you, better for the planet!

A Select Stainless Steel water tank has a minimum life of 30 years.  The corrosion resistance properties of  Stainless Steel means the tank will not only last for a long time but it will always look brand new.

Longer Lasting

Our stainless steel tanks have no plastic and they create a low carbon emission footprint in production. They are fully recyclable. The main elements can be easily recovered and re-used.  


Stainless Steel is a favourite material of architects and designers of beautiful homes. Your Stainless Steel tank will maintain its appearance for its natural life.


Look Great

Over its life cycle, a Stainless Steel water tank with its minimum life expectancy of 30 years, will ultimately be very cost effective.


Cost Effective

Stainless Steel Water Tanks - Tank Prices

Our Water Tank Pricing Structure

Your final price will depend on the following factors:

  • The material used to construct the water tank (Grade 304 stainless steel, Marine Grade 316 stainless steel or Aquaplate steel)
  • The shape of the water tank (round or slimline)
  • The size of the water tank by its dimensions
  • The distance from the factory for delivery
  • Additional fittings

Looking for Help or Advice?

If you need any help with Steel Water Tank Pricing, Custom Sizing, Delivery Charges or anything else
Please contact us today – we are here to help.