5000L Water Tanks

5000L Water Tanks | Great for Larger Water Storage | Custom Made from Stainless Steel & Genuine Colorbond / AQUAPLATE® Material | Delivered to Your Door | 5000L Water Tanks Price Lists


Please note: not all dimension combinations are available

Material Options

304 Grade Stainless Steel, 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel, Colorbond / AQUAPLATE®

5000L Water Tanks – Achieve Water Independence

When you need access to a substantial water volume, our 5000L water tanks provide the ideal solution. At Select Water Tanks, we offer extensive customisation options to adapt the tank size to your specific needs.

For example, a 5000 litre water tank can have dimensions of approximately 2000mm in width and 1560mm in height, or it can be taller with a width of about 2550mm and a height of 3450mm. We design these tanks to perfectly match your requirements, ensuring you have the water independence you desire.

All Our Steel Water Tanks Come with Three Standard Inclusions. Upon ordering your tank(s) you will be asked to place on a diagram where you want the fittings located.

  • Inlet Strainer 400 mm
  • Mosquito-proof overflow 90/100 mm
  • 25mm outlet with a tested Ball value

Water Tank Delivery

Select Water Tanks will make sure your new water tank is delivered and positioned correctly on your base. We can also assist and coordinate with a crane operator if required. We use delivery zones to provide an estimate on your delivery costs.

Estimated Water Tank Delivery Fees

What is O Size? Tanks 2.6m high or round tanks with a 3.7m diameter create an oversize load when transported on the road.

Distance Standard O Size
0-50km $180 $220

For distances further than 50km please calculate your distance from our factory below and contact us for a quote.

Need a different size?

Custom water tanks are what we do and we have thousands of different sizes available to suit your requirements.

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Colorbond / AQUAPLATE® finishes (Not available for Stainless Steel)

Choose from the following genuine Colorbond / AQUAPLATE® finishes (For Colorbond tanks only)

None Not Sure $0.00 Pale Eucalypt $0.00 Windspray $0.00 Woodland Grey $0.00 Surfmist $0.00 Paperbark $0.00 Monument $0.00 Shale Grey $0.00 Galvinised $0.00

Additional Fittings

Best practice for larger tanks is to also include a High suction (HS) fitting. This is a 50mm outlet and ball valve installed on the corrugation above. This allows for efficient water balancing when other tanks are connected. The HS Fitting also protects the pumps and internal water appliances as it draws only clean water from above the sludge / anaerobic level.

You may also wish to purchase a Bucket Height Tap for example, where the tap is placed high enough from the base, to allow gravity feed of water, into a bucket placed under the tap.

Additional Outlets Stainless Steel

If you require any additional outlets for your stainless steel tank please add them below.

Additional Outlets Colorbond

If you require any additional outlets for your Colorbond tank please add them below.

Pay a deposit of 20% per item

5000L Water Tanks

Example Price List 2024

304 Stainless Steel Tanks

Capacity (litres) Diameter x Height (mm) Price
4,903 2000 x 1560 $2,170
5,332 1900 x 1880 $2,490
5,336 1700 x 2350 $2,245

316 Stainless Steel Tanks

Capacity (litres) Diameter x Height (mm) Price
4,903 2000 x 1560 $2,825
5,332 1900 x 1880 $3,195
5,336 1700 x 2350 $2,875

Colorbond / AQUAPLATE® Tanks

Capacity (litres) Diameter x Height (mm) Price
4,903 2000 x 1560 $1,730
5,332 1900 x 1880 $1,730
5,336 1700 x 2350 $1,790

5000l Water Tanks

Frequently Asked Questions

How big is a 5000 litre water tank?

We can build our round rainwater tanks with a capacity from as little as 190 litres to a huge 29,800 litres, with diameters from as little as 900mm to 3700mm wide, and heights from 300mm to 3100mm tall. The popular sizes for 5000l water tanks are typically.

  • 2000mm Wide x 1560mm High
  • 1700mm Wide x 2300mm High
How long will 5000 litres of Water Last?

5000 litres of water is a substantial water volume which will provide you with the following:

Outdoor Usage:

Approximately 335 minutes of continuous hose watering

Indoor Usage

Equivalent to 63 washing machine loads or 833 toilet flushes

To get a more accurate figure for your own requirements checkout our Water Usage Calculator

What are the primary uses of a 5000 litre water tank?

A 5000 litre steel water tank is suitable for various applications, including residential, commercial, and agricultural purposes. It can be used for garden irrigation, toilet flushing, laundry use, pool top-ups, and supplementing your mains water supply.

What are the dimensions of a 5000 litre water tank?

A 5000 litre steel water tank can have dimensions of approximately 1900mm in diameter and 1900mm in height. However, it can also be customized to be less in width but taller in height, such as around 1700mm wide and 2300mm high.

At Select Water Tanks, we offer water tank customisation options to ensure the tank fits your specific requirements.

Where can I install 5000L water tanks?

5000L Water tanks can be installed in various locations such as backyards, gardens, commercial premises, and rural properties. It is important to ensure that the installation area can support the weight of the tank and allows for proper access and maintenance.