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Under Deck Water Tanks

Underdeck Water Tanks - Perfect & Ideal for Fitting Under the Deck or Under Houses. View our Huge Range of Options, Sizes & Dimensions.

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Under Deck Water Tanks

Many people ask the question: Can we fit a metal water tank under the confined spaces of a deck or under any other structure? The answer is yes because at Select Water Tanks we can build your tank to fit most circumstances.

Under Deck Water Tanks
Under Deck Water Tanks

Underdeck tanks can be joined together for greater holding capacity of rainwater storage.

Under deck water tanks are great for when you have limited space and also when you wish to locate your tank(s) in a place that doesn’t take up valuable yard or garden space.

Slimline Water Tanks are the best to use under a deck because they can be built to fit between the support posts and bearers. You can see from the diagram Slimline Water Tanks can be built to be a minimum of 300mm high, 550mm wide and 1000mm long.

For example, if your deck is one metre off the ground and the main support posts are one metre apart, then we can build the Slimline Water Tank to be under one metre high and under one metre wide so it can fit under the deck and between the support posts and bearers.

If the support posts are in a line, then the Slimline Water Tank can be built to be anything from 1000mm to 4000mms in length.

If you wish to create as much water capacity as you can, then you could install more than one Slimline Water Tank under your deck and have the tanks linked up to work as one (See Images above).

Slimline Water Tank Example Dimensions

Slimline Water Tank Sizing Image 500x412px

Please note: not all dimension combinations are available

Under Deck Water Tanks: Options

You can decide to have the Slimline Water tanks made from Aquaplate/Colorbond or from Premium Grade Stainless Steel (304 Grade) or from Marine Grade Stainless Steel (316 Grade).

If you choose to have your tank(s) made from Aquaplate/Colobond, then you have a range of colours to choose from.

When you order your Slimline Water Tank from Select Water Tanks, we will provide you with the opportunity to say where you want the Inlet, Outlet and Overflow fittings to be placed so that they best suit your site requirements.

The standard fittings [400mm inlet strainer and light guard, 25mm outlet and ball valve, and the overflow with stainless steel gauze screen], are provided with your tank so that there is minimal chance of mosquitos, other small insects or animals being able to get into the tank. Additional fittings can be added to your tank[s] as required

Under Water Tanks - 316 Grade Steel

Stainless Steel 316 Marine Grade

stainless steel 304 water tank

Stainless Steel 304 Grade

Aquaplate Steel Tank Warranty

Colorbond / Aquaplate Steel