Custom Water Tanks Made to Measure

Custom water tanks is what we do and we have thousands different sizes available to suit your requirements. We make every tank to order which gives our customers the best possible chance of being able to get the water storage they need and made to their specifications.

We understand that different sites have different rainwater harvesting challenges. Sloping blocks might require a series of water tanks at different heights so they will balance / equalise properly.

A low set house on a large property might require squat tanks with a large diameter and low inlet height. You may have the space for a huge round water tank or be confined by having a narrow position for a slimline water tank. Whatever the challenges we will help find you the perfect solution.

Custom Sized Jumbo Slimline
Jumbo Stainless Slimline

This customer needed custom water tank to hold 8,523 litres on a long skinny block in Paddington.

Custom Water Tank - Under Deck
Under The Deck

Custom sized under deck tanks are perfect for sloping sites.

Custom Water Tanks Commercial
Commercial Water Tanks

Custom water tanks for industry with commercial fittings.

Custom Sized Slimline Water Tanks
Space Saving

Custom Colorbond Slimline Water Tanks are perfect for wash bays in high traffic areas.

Custom Built Water Tanks – 1000’s of Sizes Available

Custom Made Round Water Tanks

We can build our round rainwater tanks with a capacity from as little as 190 litres to a huge 29,800 litres, with diameters from as little as 900mm to 3700mm wide, and heights from 300mm to 3100mm tall.

Our slimline water tank options range in capacity from 150 litres to 8,523 litres, which have widths from 550mm to 1150mm wide, lengths from 1000mm to 4000mm long, and heights from 300mm to 2350mm tall.

Custom water Tanks Jumbo Round
Slimline Water Tanks 550x412px

Custom Made Slimline Water Tanks

Not only are the sizes made to your requirements, but we also put the required fittings where you want them too. We can fit additional fittings to your tank[s] as required, like a bucket height tap, larger sized or additional outlets and ball valves, firefighting fittings or larger sized or additional inlet strainers with light guards.

If you are trying to fit a tank under your deck, along a narrow side of your property or need a series of tanks along your shed, talk to us to see what is possible.

Steel Water Tank Sizes & Dimensions

Custom water tanks are what we do and we have thousands of different sizes available for all requirements. Different sites have different rainwater harvesting challenges. See the diagrams to find the range of dimensions on offer. We can custom make a water tank to fit your site.

Round Water Tank Sizing Image 550x412px

Please note: not all dimension combinations are available

Slimline Water Tank Sizing Image 500x412px

Please note: not all dimension combinations are available

Custom Sized Steel Water Tanks

Stainless Steel Water Tanks

Many people ask the question: Can we fit a metal water tank under the confined spaces of a deck or under any other structure? The answer is yes because at Select Water Tanks we can build your tank to fit most circumstances.

Whatever the challenges Select Water Tanks will help find you the perfect solution. Learn more about our huge range of sizes we can offer below.