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Thousands Of Different Sizes Available To Suit Your Requirements. Delivered To Your Door. All Tanks Come With Extended Warranty & Are Fire Resistant. Find Out More Today.

Colorbond Water Tanks | Aquaplate Water Tanks

Colorbond water tanks offer great value for money. They are built in the classic corrugated finish we have grown up with and come in a range of colours that can be matched or contrasted to your existing colour scheme.

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Colorbond Water Tanks are made using the Aquaplate material, a product developed by BlueScope Steel specifically designed for making rainwater tanks. Theyhave a 20 year non corrosion warranty and a 10 year manufacturers warranty, and are an economical choice for your water tank. Being made from steel, they are built to withstand Australia’s harsh conditions and they will maintain structural integrity in the event of a bushfire, which makes them a good choice for firefighting tanks. We can custom build to your requirements to meet your council’s regulations for bushfire overlays.

Aquaplate Rainwater Tanks

Built for Australian Conditions

Aquaplate Steel is built to withstand the harsh Australian climate. Unlike Poly water tanks Colorbond Steel does not degrade under Ultra Violet light.

Colorbond Slimline Water Tank

The Perfect Fit

Aquaplate Steel water tanks can be manufactured to custom specifications. That’s thousands of potential sizes. There’s sure to be one that suits your property.

Corrugated Steel Water Tank

Made to Order

Every water tank we manufacture at Select Water Tanks is made to order. This means you get the perfect size, with the right fittings where you need them, and in a genuine Colorbond finish.

Colorbond Water Tank Prices

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Match your Colorbond Water Tank to Your Property

They are a perfect choice for those wanting to colour coordinate the tank to your property. They can be built to colour match or contrast to your fence, shed or an external painted wall. The colorbond tanks can be manufactured in either the round style with capacities from as little as 190 litres up to a huge 29,800 litres or the slimline shape with water storage from 150 litres up to 8,523 litres.

Select Water Tanks custom build each tank to order, which gives our customers the best tank to suit their requirements. The tanks come with 3 standard inclusions: A 400mm Inlet Strainer and Light Guard, a 25mm Outlet with Ball Valve, and a 90mm Overflow with Stainless Steel Gauze, which can be positioned to your requirements. Additional fittings, like the firefighting fittings: Camlock for Qld or the Storz for NSW, a bucket height tap or additional 25mm or 50mm outlets and ball valves, can be added to the tank to meet your needs.

Colorbond Water Tanks Outside
Colorbond Water Tank Round

With the classic galvanised or coloured corrugated finish on the round or slimline tanks they are well suited to a range of properties from the modern, contemporary, colonial, beachside, or rustic styles.

Being manufactured from steel, the tanks can be made to meet council requirements for firefighting purposes, be incorporated into a whole of house rainwater harvesting system, or to have as your very own water supply in times of need. Your own harvested water supply is so beneficial if you love to garden, keep your car sparkling or just lower your council water bills. In times of water restrictions, you will still have your own water supply to use for your property, and by lowering the demand on the council or town supply water, you can save some money too.

Lisa Hagean

Select Water Tanks Google Review Lisa Hagean 

"I recently ordered a 7500 litre stainless steel round tank from Select Water Tanks and couldn't be happier with it. The process from order to delivery was perfect and I was kept in the loop with manufacture times and a set delivery date. Communication was great through the process and I had to change the delivery date to suit me and there was no issue with this.."

Gary Turner

Select Water Tanks Google Review Gary Turner 

"A big thank you to Jason, Linda, Loyd, Damon and the team at Select Watertanks.The whole process ran on time, in fact you were able to deliver all our tanks prior to Christmas.The boys did a great job negotiating our tricky block and setting up the tanks.We highly recommend Select Watertanks"

Paul Inglis


"The team from Select Water Tanks were superb. The way they handled my new tank was especially careful and thorough. It was great watch them take it down a hill and locate on the site. Highly recommended for good product, service and interest in the customers needs."

Barbara Geitz

Select Water Tanks Google Review Barbra Geitz 

"We have just bought 3 tanks and have now installed them. We found Select Tanks very easy to work with right through to delivery. We had to change the delivery date on a number of occasions and it was never a problem. We are very happy with the quality of the tanks which look great."

Colorbond Slimline Water Tanks

A slimline water tank is a tank built to narrow dimensions, allowing water storage on properties where the more traditional round water tanks will not fit. They are perfect for residential and business properties where there is not a lot of space or there are access restrictions.

Select Water Tanks can manufacture your colorbond slimline water tank to your custom specifications ensuring they don’t have to be an eyesore; in fact, they can be a feature of your home.

Find out more about our huge range of slimline water tanks

Colorbond Slimline Water Tank

Rainwater Tank Delivery Service

Select Water Tanks can deliver your water tank to your door. For all Brisbane & Surrounding Areas that are within 50km of our South Brisbane Factory our Delivery Fees are $180 for Standard & $220 for Oversized Loads. For distances further than 50km please refer to our latest service delivery fees below.

What is Colorbond?

Traditional Galvanized Steel With Polymer Laminate

Colorbond steel, developed by BlueScope Steel, is a laminated, galvanized steel product with exceptional durability and corrosion resistance.  The food grade polymer lining meets the stringent quality requirements for water storage and ensures water is never in contact with the steel.  Colorbond does not degrade under Ultra Violet light and is available in a number of genuine Colorbond finishes.

Choose from the following genuine Colorbond® finishes

Pale Eucalypt


Woodland Grey




Colorbond Water Tanks - Galvanised


Colorbond Water Tanks - Shale Grey

Shale Grey

What is AQUAPLATE® Steel?

AQUAPLATE is a BlueScope steel specifically designed for use in rainwater tanks and storing fresh water. This steel is made from a base comprised of galvanised steel that is laminated with food-grade polymer film on the inside, while the outer layer consists of COLORBOND®

Colorbond Water Tanks FAQs

Why Aquaplate / Colorbond?

Aquaplate/Colorbond tanks are slightly less expensive than ones made from stainless steel and they come in a range of colours to match or compliment existing structures or colour schemes. These tanks come with a 20-year warranty for corrosion and a 10 year manufacturers warranty. Research has shown, that they keep their structural integrity during a bush fire.

Are rainwater tanks worth it?

Rain can be harvested from your roof for example, instead of flowing away from your property, via a pipe from the gutters for example into the top of the tank via an inlet strainer. If you approximate the cost of the tank as say $2500 and it is serviceable for over 30 years, then the cost is well less than $2.00 per week to provide water to your household, your stock, your crops or your lawn and/or garden.

Do you connect the tanks up?

No. We suggest you get a local plumber to connect them up. That way you have a local expert to make them compliant to local conditions.

What other fittings are available?

There are a wide range of additional fittings we can provide. One example is we can install a bucket height tap on the side of your tank.

Are the tanks resistant to bush fires?

Yes. University research shows that both Stainless steel and Aquaplate/Colorbond tanks maintain their structural integrity during bushfires.

How do I work out the size of tank I need?

Normally we recommend that you get the largest size tank you can to suit your site. Round tanks can be made to much larger sizes whereas slimline tanks can be made specifically to fit neatly into a confined space.

Deciding a size can be influenced by a number of factors. These include:

  • The number of people living in a house if it is for domestic use
  • The catchment area of the roof
  • The annual rainfall

For more information visit our “Custom Shapes & Sizes Section”

Do the tanks meet Council Overlay requirements?

Yes we can build the tanks to meet specific Council Overlay requirements.

What fittings come with the tank?

Three fittings come with your tank. You will be asked where on each tank you want them.

They are:

  • A 400mm inlet strainer with light guard which allows the water from your roof for example, into the tank, with protection from the sunlight and mosquitoes.
  • An overflow attachment which is a round plastic outlet which can be either 90 or 100mm in diameter and which come with mosquito proofing.
  • A 25mm outlet with a ball valve located at the bottom of your tank.
Can the tanks be made to be fire-fighting compliant?

Yes we can fit the tanks with the required fittings to make them firefighting compliant,  with a Storz fitting for NSW or the Camlock for Qld.

One particularly efficient tank we can build is where the normal outlet system is built a certain distance up the side of the tank so that you always have 10,000 litres in the bottom section of the tank in case of fires, while still using the water in the top of the tank for normal use.

More Than Just a Manufacturer of Steel Rainwater Tanks

Select Water Tanks custom make round & slimline water tanks that are longer lasting, better looking, healthier, & better for the environment. They can be made from either grade 304, marine grade 316 stainless steel or colorbond steel.

Tailored Solutions

We find the perfect solution for your rainwater harvesting system needs.

Quality Guaranteed

Highest quality Stainless steel water tanks backed by 30 years non corrosion warranty. Our Colorbond Tanks are backed by 20-years non corrosion warranty.

Industry Leading

We are the first Australian company to design and manufacture stainless steel water tanks.

Looking for Help or Advice?

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