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Colorbond & Galvanised Rainwater Tanks

Explore the benefits of Colorbond and galvanised rainwater tanks for a perfect property upgrade

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Unmatched Durability: Colorbond Water Tanks

Colorbond water tanks stand out as a premier choice, offering outstanding value for your investment. With a classic corrugated finish and a wide array of colors to match or contrast your surroundings, these tanks are not just containers but statements of resilience and style.

The Aquaplate Advantage: A Shield Against Corrosion

Crafted with precision from Aquaplate material by BlueScope Steel, Colorbond water tanks boast a 20-year non-corrosion warranty and a 10-year manufacturers warranty. This makes them a robust and economical choice, especially considering the harsh Australian conditions. Their steel construction ensures structural integrity, even in the face of bushfires, making them an ideal option for firefighting tanks tailored to meet council regulations

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All Colorbond Water Tanks are custom made to your requirements. Delivered to your door. Come with extended warranty & are Fire Resistant.

Customisation Beyond Boundaries: Galvanised Rainwater Tanks

Galvanised rainwater tanks, part of the Colorbond family, offer a unique touch to property enhancement. Every tank is custom-made to your specifications, ensuring a perfect fit for your needs. Delivered to your doorstep, these tanks come with an extended warranty and are fire-resistant, providing peace of mind and security.

Galvanised Steel Tanks

Australian Tough: Galvanised Steel Tanks

Galvanised steel, the backbone of Colorbond and galvanised rainwater tanks, is engineered to withstand the harsh Australian climate. Unlike poly water tanks, galvanised steel does not degrade under UV light, ensuring longevity and reliability.

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A Perfect Fit: Tailored to Your Requirements

Each tank is made to order, guaranteeing the perfect fit with the tank fittings exactly where you need them, in our range of Colorbond and Galvanised Aquaplate tanks

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Seamless Coordination: Colorbond Rainwater Tanks

Colorbond rainwater tanks elevate property aesthetics with their ability to seamlessly coordinate with your surroundings. Available in round or slimline shapes, these tanks can be color-matched or contrasted with your fence, shed, or external walls. Capacities range from as little as 190 litres to an impressive 29,800 litres, catering to various property sizes and needs.

Colorbond / Aquaplate Water Tanks

Perfectly Coordinated Property Upgrade

Enhance your property with Colorbond water tanks, offering the ideal solution for those seeking a harmonious blend of style and function. These tanks can be tailored to match or contrast with your fence, shed, or external painted wall. Whether in a round style with capacities ranging from 190 to 29,800 litres or a slimline shape with storage from 150 to 8,523 litres, Select Water Tanks customises each tank to meet your specific requirements.

Standard inclusions with every tank are a 400mm Inlet Strainer and Light Guard, a 25mm Outlet with Ball Valve, and a 90mm Overflow with Stainless Steel Gauze, all adjustable to your preferences. You can also enhance your tank with additional fittings like firefighting fittings, bucket height taps, or extra outlets and ball valves, ensuring it meets your unique needs.

With a classic galvanised or coloured corrugated finish available for both round and slimline tanks, these tanks seamlessly fit a range of property styles, from modern and contemporary to colonial, beachside, or rustic.

Manufactured from steel, Colorbond tanks can fulfill council requirements for firefighting, integrate into rainwater harvesting systems, or serve as a dedicated water supply. Harvesting your water proves beneficial for gardening, car maintenance, and reducing council water bills. Even in times of water restrictions, having your water supply ensures continued property use while saving money and reducing the burden on the council or town water supply.

Understanding Colorbond & Galvanised Steel

Tradition and Innovation

Colorbond steel, developed by BlueScope Steel, is a laminated, galvanized product renowned for its exceptional durability and corrosion resistance. The food-grade polymer lining ensures water quality, preventing direct contact with the steel.

Not susceptible to UV degradation, Colorbond offers a variety of genuine finishes to suit your aesthetic preferences.

Invest in Colorbond water tanks and galvanised rainwater tanks to enhance your property aesthetically while ensuring durability, customization, and sustainability. Explore the multitude of options available and elevate both the visual appeal and functionality of your property with these top-notch tanks.

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Colorbond / Aquaplate Water Tanks

Choose from the following genuine Colorbond® finishes

Pale Eucalypt


Woodland Grey




Colorbond Water Tanks - Galvanised


Colorbond Water Tanks - Shale Grey

Shale Grey

Colorbond Water Tanks FAQs

What is Colorbond?

Colorbond steel, developed by BlueScope Steel, is a laminated, galvanized steel product with exceptional durability and corrosion resistance. The food grade polymer lining meets the stringent quality requirements for water storage and ensures water is never in contact with the steel. Colorbond does not degrade under Ultra Violet light and is available in a number of genuine Colorbond finishes.


What is AQUAPLATE® Steel?

AQUAPLATE is a BlueScope steel specifically designed for use in rainwater tanks and storing fresh water. This steel is made from a base comprised of galvanised steel that is laminated with food-grade polymer film on the inside, while the outer layer consists of COLORBOND®

Why Aquaplate / Colorbond?

Aquaplate/Colorbond tanks are slightly less expensive than ones made from stainless steel and they come in a range of colours to match or compliment existing structures or colour schemes. These tanks come with a 20-year warranty for corrosion and a 10 year manufacturers warranty. Research has shown, that they keep their structural integrity during a bush fire.

How long do Colorbond water tanks last?

20 year minimum life prior to perforation due to corrosion, as detailed in the Bluescope AQUAPLATE®product warranty. 10 year construction warranty covering the assembly and sealing of the tank.4 Nov 2022

Does COLORBOND contain lead?
No, COLORBOND does not contain lead. COLORBOND is made from steel, not aluminum, and is renowned for its lightweight and robust characteristics. It receives a topcoat of high-quality paint that is specifically formulated to be lead-free.

The base steel used in the production of COLORBOND is thinner yet stronger than usual, owing to the cold reduction process. This manufacturing approach contributes to the overall durability and performance of COLORBOND, assuring users that the material is free from lead, making it a safe and reliable choice for various applications.

Can Colorbond water tanks be color-coordinated with my property?
Absolutely. Colorbond water tanks can be customized to color match or contrast with your fence, shed, or external painted wall, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your property.
Is COLORBOND better than aluminium?
In many cases, a well-manufactured aluminium or steel fence tends to outlast a Colorbond fence, primarily due to the use of higher-quality materials. The durability of these materials contributes to the longevity and resilience of the fence structure. However, it’s essential to consider the cost factor. While Colorbond fencing may use more economical materials, resulting in a lower initial cost, the decision isn’t solely about expenses.

When choosing between COLORBOND and aluminium, it’s crucial to weigh the benefits of each material against your specific needs. While premium fencing materials may offer extended longevity, Colorbond fences provide a cost-effective alternative without compromising significantly on quality. Consider factors such as budget, aesthetic preferences, and the intended lifespan of the fence to make an informed decision based on your unique requirements.

Is COLORBOND safe for drinking water?
Yes, COLORBOND is safe for drinking water. COLORBOND tanks, particularly those crafted with AQUAPLATE® material by Bluescope Steel, adhere to stringent safety standards. The AQUAPLATE® lining ensures that the water remains uncontaminated, as it prevents direct contact between the steel and the stored water.

COLORBOND tanks are designed to meet or exceed the necessary regulations for water storage. The use of high-quality materials and the application of food-grade polymer lining contribute to the safety of the water stored in COLORBOND tanks. As a result, you can confidently utilize COLORBOND water tanks for storing drinking water without any concerns about water safety.

Is Colorbond bal rated?

Yes, Colorbond Steel is BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) rated, making it one of the preferred roof cladding products in Australia. It complies with all the necessary requirements for building in bushfire-prone zones, including ratings up to BAL 40 and BAL FZ (Flame Zone).

This indicates that Colorbond Steel is designed to withstand different levels of bushfire attack, providing homeowners in such areas with a reliable and resilient roofing solution. The wide range of available colors adds an aesthetic appeal to this safety feature, making Colorbond an excellent choice for properties in bushfire-prone regions.

Does vinegar damage COLORBOND?
No, vinegar does not damage COLORBOND. In fact, a vinegar solution is a popular and cost-effective cleaning method for COLORBOND steel. By mixing equal parts of white vinegar and water, you can create a gentle cleaning solution that effectively removes dirt and grime without causing any harm to the COLORBOND steel.

This method offers a safe and efficient way to maintain the cleanliness of COLORBOND surfaces without the risk of damage. So, feel free to use a vinegar solution for cleaning, ensuring your COLORBOND retains its aesthetic appeal without compromising its integrity.

Can the tanks be made to be fire-fighting compliant?

Yes we can fit the tanks with the required fittings to make them firefighting compliant,  with a Storz fitting for NSW or the Camlock for Qld.

One particularly efficient tank we can build is where the normal outlet system is built a certain distance up the side of the tank so that you always have 10,000 litres in the bottom section of the tank in case of fires, while still using the water in the top of the tank for normal use.

Can additional fittings be added to Colorbond water tanks?

Certainly. Select Water Tanks offers the option to add extra fittings such as firefighting fittings, bucket height taps, and additional outlets and ball valves to tailor the tank to your specific needs.