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Manufacturing Stainless Steel & Colorbond Water Tanks
Supplying to Gold Coast, Tweed Heads, Murwillumbah & Surrounding Areas

Water Tanks Gold Coast

Select Water Tanks provide Rainwater Tanks in the Gold Coast, Tweed Heads and surrounding Murwillumbah areas. All our Water Tanks are made and delivered directly from our Brisbane factory. These include Stainless Steel Rainwater Tanks, Colorbond Water Tanks of all sizes and dimensions combined with industry-leading suppliers of accessories and fittings, including Rainwater Tank Pumps & Filtration Systems.

Water Tanks Gold Coast Stainless Steel Round

Stainless Steel Round Tank

Water Tanks Gold Coast Colorbond

Colorbond Water Tank

Water Tanks Gold Coast Stainless Steel Slimlines

Stainless Steel Slimline Tank

Servicing the Gold Coast, Tweed Heads and Surrounding Areas

Select Water tanks have been supplying premium Stainless Steel & Colorbond Rainwater Tanks to residential and commercial businesses in the Gold Coast and surrounding areas since we started out in 2006.

The steel water tanks we make are longer lasting, better looking, healthier, and can be custom made in terms of shape and size. They can be made from either grade 304, marine grade 316 stainless steel or colorbond.

We manufacture every Water Tank to order, ranging from 500 – 29,800 litres in Slimline, Round, Jumbo, and Under-deck styles. Whatever your requirement we can deliver a water tank to suit your needs. Checkout our wide range of custom sizes we have available.

As we are based nearby by in Logan Village most of our Gold Coast based customers are within our 0-50 Km delivery area. The delivery charge for this area is just $150 and $180 for over-sized delivery. For more information please do check our Estimated Delivery Fees Section.

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Lisa Hagean

Select Water Tanks Google Review Lisa Hagean 

"I recently ordered a 7500 litre stainless steel round tank from Select Water Tanks and couldn't be happier with it. The process from order to delivery was perfect and I was kept in the loop with manufacture times and a set delivery date. Communication was great through the process and I had to change the delivery date to suit me and there was no issue with this.."

Gary Turner

Select Water Tanks Google Review Gary Turner 

"A big thank you to Jason, Linda, Loyd, Damon and the team at Select Watertanks.The whole process ran on time, in fact you were able to deliver all our tanks prior to Christmas.The boys did a great job negotiating our tricky block and setting up the tanks.We highly recommend Select Watertanks"

Paul Inglis


"The team from Select Water Tanks were superb. The way they handled my new tank was especially careful and thorough. It was great watch them take it down a hill and locate on the site. Highly recommended for good product, service and interest in the customers needs."

Barbara Geitz

Select Water Tanks Google Review Barbra Geitz 

"We have just bought 3 tanks and have now installed them. We found Select Tanks very easy to work with right through to delivery. We had to change the delivery date on a number of occasions and it was never a problem. We are very happy with the quality of the tanks which look great."

Why Stainless Steel Water Tanks are a great choice

At Select Water Tanks we firmly believe that Stainless Steel Water tanks are the best choice for a number of reasons. They’re longer-lasting, offer you fantastic value for money over their lifespan, and at the end of their life are fully recyclable – better for you, better for the planet!

A Select Stainless Steel water tank has a minimum life of 30 years.  The corrosion resistance properties of  Stainless Steel means the tank will not only last for a long time but it will always look brand new.

Longer Lasting

Our stainless steel tanks have no plastic and they create a low carbon emission footprint in production. They are fully recyclable. The main elements can be easily recovered and re-used.  


Stainless Steel is a favourite material of architects and designers of beautiful homes. Your Stainless Steel tank will maintain its appearance for its natural life.


Look Great

Over its life cycle, a Stainless Steel water tank with its minimum life expectancy of 30 years, will ultimately be very cost effective.


Cost Effective

Steel Water Tank Sizes & Dimensions

Custom water tanks is what we do and we have thousands of different sizes available for all requirements. Different sites have different rainwater harvesting challenges. See the diagrams to find the range of dimensions on offer. We can custom make a water tank to fit your site
Round Water Tanks

Please note: Tanks larger than 3500mm diameter have a max height of 2350mm

Slimline Water Tanks

Please note: not all dimension combinations are available

Learn more about our huge range of sizes we can offer below.

Whatever the challenges Select Water Tanks will help find you the perfect solution.

Perfect & Ideal for Fitting Under the Deck or Under Houses.

Learn more below.

Our slimline water tanks can be built to custom sizes, achieving capacities from 150 litres to 8,523 litres.

Learn more below


Simline Water Tank

A slimline water tank is a tank built to narrow dimensions to suit your urban home.

Learn more below

Urban Slimline Water Tank

Colorbond Tanks are a perfect choice if your looking to match your tank to your property.

Learn more below


Colorbond Paperbark Finish

Slimline Water Tank Size & Capacity Guide


Approx. Capacity  Width x Length x Height (mm)  
1,500 Litres (330 Gallons) 700 x 1600 x 1560
2,000 Litres (440 Gallons) 650 x 2200 x 1560
3,000 Litres (660 Gallons) 850 x 2100 x 1880
5,000 Litres (1100 Gallons) 700 x 4000 x 1880
7,500 Litres (1650 Gallons) 1150 x 3100 x 2350
8,500 Litres (1870 Gallons) 1150 x 3400 x 2350

Round Water Tank Size & Capacity Guide


Approx Capacity  Diameter x Height (mm) 
2,000 Litres (440 Gallons) 1300 x 1560
3,000 Litres (660 Gallons) 1300 x 2350
5,000 Litres (1100 Gallons) 1900 x 1880
8,000 litres (1750 Gallons) 2300 x 1880
10,000 litres (2200 Gallons) 2900 x 1560
15,000 litres (3300 Gallons) 3500 x 1560
20,000 litres (4400 Gallons) 3300 x 2350 (1)
20,000 litres (4400 Gallons) 3700 x 1880 (2)
20,000 litres (4400 Gallons) 2900 x 3100 (3)
22,619 litres (5000 Gallons) 3500 x 2350
29,800 litres (6555 Gallons) 3500 x 3100

Popular Rainwater Tank Sizes

2000 Litre Water Tanks

2000 Litre Water Tanks

2000 Litre Water Tanks | Custom Made | 1000’s of Dimensions Available | Full 2000 Litre Tank Price Lists | Delivered to Your Door

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3000 Litre Water Tanks

3000 Litre Water Tanks

3000 Litre Water Tanks | Full Price Lists & Dimensions | Manufactured and delivered direct from our Brisbane Factory | Great Prices & Service

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5000 Litre Water Tanks

5000 Litre Water Tanks

5000 Litre Water Tank | Stainless Steel | Colorbond | Custom Made to all Dimensions | Delivered Direct to Your Door | Great Service & Price

read more
10000 Litre Water Tanks

10000 Litre Water Tanks

10000 Litre Water Tank | 2000 Gallon Water Tank | Great Size for Homes | Commercial & Farming | Buy direct from our Brisbane Factory

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20000 Litre Water Tanks

20000 Litre Water Tanks

20000 Litre Water Tank | 4400 Gallon Water Tank | Full Price Lists | Size & Dimension Examples | Factory Direct – Great Prices & Service

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Water Tanks Gold Coast Price Lists

Get Our Latest 2021 Price List for All Our Our Round | Slimline Colorbond Water Tanks from 500 – 27,000 Litres

Please click below or contact us.

Colorbond Water Tanks Gold Coast

Colorbond Water Tanks offer great value for money. They are built in the classic corrugated finish and come in a range of colours that can be matched or contrasted to your existing colour scheme.

Round Water Tank Colorbond

Water Tanks Gold Coast – Climate information

Source: Gold Coast Average Weather Stats

The Gold Coast is a coastal city, known one as the largest non-capital city in Australia and is famous for its sunny subtropical climate. Although the area is abundant with water, the majority is not fresh cleaning drinking water.

The good news is Gold Coast is a city with significant rainfall!

• A lot of rain (rainy season) falls in the months: January, February, March and December.
• On average, February and March are wettest months.
• On average, July and August are the driest months.
• The average amount of annual precipitation is: 1555mm

Harvesting rainwater via a water tank can provide you with all the clean drinking water you need. You can also pump clean water around your home via our Whole of House Water filtration System.

Water Tanks Gold Coast Average High Low Temperature Chart

Gold Coast Annual Average High and Low Temperatures 

Water Tanks Gold Coast Average Rainfall Chart

Gold Coast Annual Average Rainfall

Water Tanks Gold Coast Average Temperature Chart

Gold Coast Annual Average Temperatures

Water Tanks Gold Coast Delivery Fees

For all Gold Coast & Surrounding Areas that are within 50km of our South Brisbane Factory our Delivery Fees are $180 for Standard & $220 for Oversized Loads. For distances further than 50km please refer to our latest service delivery fees below.

Water Tanks Gold Coast – Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need planning permission for a rainwater tank?

If you’re thinking of getting a water tank for your home or business, the good news is: there’s generally no need to get planning approval. However, your tank may still need building approval, so it’s best to talk to your local Council about what approvals you might need. If you’re installing a water tank in a non-residential zone, have a chat with your local Council too, as there may be more specific requirements (especially if you’re in a bushfire overlay area and subject to the Bushfire Overlay Code).

Are rainwater tanks worth it?

Rain can be harvested from your roof for example, instead of flowing away from your property, via a pipe from the gutters for example into the top of the tank via an inlet strainer. If you approximate the cost of the tank as say $2500 and it is serviceable for over 30 years, then the cost is well less than $2.00 per week to provide water to your household, your stock, your crops or your lawn and/or garden.

What are the delivery costs?

Our Office Manager will discuss with you the cost of delivery. The delivery cost is primarily based on the distance from our factory south of Brisbane to your site. Other factors which may need to be taken into consideration for example, are the size of the load and the difficulty of access to your site.

How long does it take for the Tanks to Arrive?

It normally takes about three weeks to make your tank and have it ready for delivery.

In very busy periods however, it can sometimes take up to 7 or 8 weeks to have your tank ready for delivery. Please check with our Office Manager the likely delivery time for your tank, given the current work load at the time of order.

Why stainless steel?

There are many reasons you should consider buying a stainless steel water tank.

They include:

  • They come with a 30-year warranty for corrosion and so are cost-effective over time.
  • The minerals used in stainless steel are valuable and so can be recovered and recycled.
  • They are being designed into structures by builders and architects because they look good.
  • University research shows they hold their structural integrity during a bush fire.
  • Stainless steel keeps the water cool which helps reduce the growth of bacteria and algae.
  • Stainless steel does not leech impurities into the water which makes it hygienic to drink.
Do you connect the tanks up?

No. We suggest you get a local plumber to connect them up. That way you have a local expert to make them compliant to local conditions.

What other fittings are available?

There are a wide range of additional fittings we can provide. One example is we can install a bucket height tap on the side of your tank.

Are the tanks resistant to bush fires?

Yes. University research shows that both Stainless steel and Aquaplate/Colorbond tanks maintain their structural integrity during bushfires.

How do I work out the size of tank I need?

Normally we recommend that you get the largest size tank you can to suit your site. Round tanks can be made to much larger sizes whereas slimline tanks can be made specifically to fit neatly into a confined space.

Deciding a size can be influenced by a number of factors. These include:

  • The number of people living in a house if it is for domestic use
  • The catchment area of the roof
  • The annual rainfall

For more information visit our "Custom Shapes & Sizes Section"

Will you position the tank(s) on site?

Yes we can position your tank(s) on to a concrete slab, a crusher dust pad or a timber platform provided they are built correctly to fit the size of tank ordered.

We can provide one or two men if needed but you will need to provide additional staff if the tank is very large or it is a particularly difficult site to access.

If a crane is needed, we can liaise with the crane company.

How are tanks delivered?

Our usual delivery mode is on either a small truck, truck and trailer or 4WD ute and trailer. The round tanks are rolled off onto mattresses which protect the tanks, whereas the slimline tanks are carried or put onto small trolleys for manoeuvring and then depending on the site access being suitable, rolled or manoeuvred close to the prepared tank base.

A geofabric cloth is put down onto the prepared base, then the tank is stood onto its bottom on the prepared base. The tank can then be moved around to the correct positioning.

Depending on the size of the tank some onsite assistance will be required. It is best to discuss any site complications or delivery queries when ordering your tank.

Why Aquaplate / Colorbond?

Aquaplate/Colorbond tanks are slightly less expensive than ones made from stainless steel and they come in a range of colours to match or compliment existing structures or colour schemes. These tanks come with a 20-year warranty for corrosion and a 10 year manufacturers warranty. Research has shown, that they keep their structural integrity during a bush fire.

Do the tanks meet Council Overlay requirements?

Yes we can build the tanks to meet specific Council Overlay requirements.

What fittings come with the tank?

Three fittings come with your tank. You will be asked where on each tank you want them.

They are:

  • A 400mm inlet strainer with light guard which allows the water from your roof for example, into the tank, with protection from the sunlight and mosquitoes.
  • An overflow attachment which is a round plastic outlet which can be either 90 or 100mm in diameter and which come with mosquito proofing.
  • A 25mm outlet with a ball valve located at the bottom of your tank.
Can the tanks be made to be fire-fighting compliant?

Yes we can fit the tanks with the required fittings to make them firefighting compliant,  with a Storz fitting for NSW or the Camlock for Qld.

One particularly efficient tank we can build is where the normal outlet system is built a certain distance up the side of the tank so that you always have 10,000 litres in the bottom section of the tank in case of fires, while still using the water in the top of the tank for normal use.

Does Stainless Steel Cost More?

On average, round stainless steel tanks made from Premium grade 304 stainless steel are approximately $500 to $1000 more than the equivalent tanks made from Aquaplate/Colorbond.

For example, a 10,000 litre round tank made from stainless steel is approximately $2900 whereas a similar one made from Aquaplate/Colorbond is approximately $2200.

The price differential is slightly more for slimline tanks because of the inclusion of internal stainless-steel rods to strengthen the slimline shape of the tanks.

The price differential is also greater if Marine grade 316 stainless steel is used to construct the tanks.

For more information on pricing see our example price lists .

Water Tanks Gold Coast – Interesting Facts About the Area

  • Gold Coast is home to 100,000ha of nature reserves and World Heritage sites, of which large portion is subtropical rainforest.
  • Gold Coast is home to Australia’s most diverse cultures, ethnicity, and vegetation. You will find Aborigines, Africans, Australians, Americans, Europeans, Asians and Latinos within its precincts.
  • Gold Coast has the largest concentration of themed attractions in the southern hemisphere.
Water Tanks Gold Coast Interesting Facts

Water Tanks Gold Coast

Looking for a Water Tank for your Gold Coast Home or Business?
Whatever your requirements we can manufacture and deliver the Water Tank you need with top level service at the best price.
Please contact us today – we are here to help.

More Than Just a Manufacturer of Steel Rainwater Tanks

Select Water Tanks custom make round & slimline water tanks that are longer lasting, better looking, healthier, & better for the environment. They can be made from either grade 304, marine grade 316 stainless steel or colorbond steel.

Tailored Solutions

We find the perfect solution for your rainwater harvesting system needs.

Quality Guaranteed

Highest quality Stainless steel water tanks backed by 30 years non corrosion warranty. Our Colorbond Tanks are backed by 20-years non corrosion warranty.

Industry Leading

We are the first Australian company to design and manufacture stainless steel water tanks.

Looking for Help or Advice?

If you need any help with Steel Water Tank Pricing, Custom Sizing, Delivery Charges or anything else
Please contact us today – we are here to help.