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Water Tanks Sunshine Coast - Huge range of rainwater tanks in Stainless Steel & Colorbond 500 - 29,800 Litres. Great Prices & Service.

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Water Tanks Sunshine Coast

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Stainless Steel Water Tanks

Stainless Steel Water Tanks

At Select Water Tanks we firmly believe that Stainless Steel Water tanks are the best choice for a number of reasons. They’re longer-lasting, offer you fantastic value for money over their lifespan, and at the end of their life are fully recyclable – better for you, better for the planet! All our tanks are custom made directly from our Brisbane factory.

We supply a huge range of  Stainless Steel Slimline, Round, Jumbo and Under Deck Water Tanks with sizes ranging from 500 – 29,800 Litres.

Colorbond Water Tanks

Colorbond Water Tanks Main Product Image 2023

Colorbond / Aquaplate water tanks offer great value for money. They are built in the classic corrugated finish we have grown up with and come in a range of colours that can be matched or contrasted to your existing colour scheme.

We supply a huge range of  Colorbond Steel Slimline, Round, Jumbo and Under Deck Water Tanks with sizes ranging from 500 – 29,800 Litres.

Steel Water Tanks for Specific Requirements

Farm Water Tanks

Farm Water Tanks

We provide a huge range of Stainless Steel and Colorbond Water tanks up to 30,000 Litres in Size. These tanks can be linked together to hold large volumes of water ideal for farms to harvest and distribute rain water.

Stormwater Detention Tanks

Stormwater Detention

Stormwater Detention tanks catch the fast-flowing water and detain it temporarily in the tank but also they are specially fitted with a valve that will release the water slowly over time.

Underdeck Water Tanks

Under Deck Tanks

A great choice for when you have limited space and also when you wish to locate your tank(s) in a place that doesn’t take up valuable space. Underdeck tanks can also be joined together for greater holding capacity.

Raised Garden Beds 550x412px

Raised Garden Beds

Raised garden beds in colorbond or stainless steel offer easy growing and custom sizes. Ready-made with good drainage, they come in slimline or round shapes and are eco-friendly, fully recyclable.

Steel Rainwater Tanks Are What We Do Best!

Steel Rainwater Tanks are what Select Water Tanks do best! We are a family-owned Australian company based in Logan Village, south of Brisbane.

All our water tanks are custom made in our factory which allows us to deliver the highest quality water tanks at the very best price. Our mission is to build high-quality Round and Slimline Water Tanks from Stainless Steel or Colorbond and we work with industry-leading suppliers of accessories and fittings to include high quality rainwater tank pumps & filtration systems.

Rainwater Tanks Sunshine Coast

Manufacturing Stainless Steel & Colorbond Water Tanks
Supplying to Sunshine Coast, Noosa, Caloundra & Surrounding Areas

Water Tanks Sunshine Coast

Supplying to Sunshine Coast, Noosa, Caloundra & Surrounding Areas

Welcome to Select Water Tanks! We are a family business who manufacture and deliver Steel and Colorbond Water Tanks to residential and businesses in the Sunshine Coast, Noosa and surrounding areas.

All our Water Tanks are custom made and come in a huge range of sizes and shapes ranging from 500 – 29,800 litres in Slimline, Round, Jumbo, and Under-deck styles. Whatever your requirement we can deliver a water tank to suit your needs.

Select Water Tanks have been supplying Water Tanks to the homes, farms and businesses in and around Sunshine Coast For over 15 years, Select Water Tanks have been manufacturing round and Slimline Water tanks.

Sunshine Coast homes, farms and businesses have all been happy with our Stainless Steel and Colorbond rainwater tanks, which are manufactured to suit your needs and provide a longer lasting, cleaner, better looking, and healthier alternative to plastic water tanks.

One of the biggest benefits with installing a water tank in the Sunshine coast is saving costs on your water bill. The right water tank and set up will allow you to harvest the rainwater from tropical storms and provide you with a supply of free clean water that you can use at any time.

This can be a big benefit during times of water restrictions, allowing you to continue watering your garden or wash your car anytime you want.

Our whole of house system can also deliver you clean drinking water to every appliance in your home with constant pressure providing you with a complete rainwater harvesting system.

Considerations when installing a water tank on the Sunshine Coast.

Salt Corrosion

If you live along or near the Coastline as so many properties do on the Sunshine Coast whilst the views are spectacular the harsh salty, briny climate can play havoc with building materials and water tanks.

Marine Grade Steel Water Tanks – Extra Corrosion Resistance
Our 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel tanks come with a 30-year Non corrosion warranty to ensure your water supply remains fresh and uncontaminated.

Water Tanks Sunshine Coast Salt Corrosion
Water Tanks Sunshine Coast: FAQS
Why do I need a Water Tank for my Sunshine Coast home?

Water Security in Sunshine Coast: The Sunshine Coast region experiences periods of drought and water restrictions. By purchasing a rainwater tank, you can secure an additional water source during dry spells, ensuring you have a reliable supply for essential needs.

What size water tank do I need for my Sunshine Coast property

The size of the water tank you need for your Sunshine Cost property depends on various factors

  1. Average Annual Rainfall: The Sunshine Coast receives an average annual rainfall of approximately 1,400 to 1,600 millimeters. Consider the typical rainfall patterns in your specific location within the region to estimate the amount of water you can collect.
  2. Roof Area: Determine the size of your roof area available for rainwater collection. A larger roof area will yield more rainwater. Calculate the potential runoff by multiplying the roof area by the average annual rainfall.
  3. Water Usage: Evaluate your household’s water usage needs, including indoor and outdoor activities. Consider factors such as the number of occupants, garden irrigation, and other outdoor water requirements.
  4. Storage Capacity: Determine the desired storage capacity based on your water usage and the duration you want the rainwater supply to last between rainfall events. Consider the frequency and intensity of dry periods in Sunshine Coast when calculating the storage capacity.
  5. Available Space: Assess the available space on your property for installing a rainwater tank. Consider the dimensions, shape, and placement options for the tank, taking into account any spatial limitations or aesthetic considerations.
  6. Water Restrictions: Take into account any water restrictions that may be imposed by the local authorities during periods of low rainfall or drought. Consider whether you want the rainwater tank’s capacity to help you comply with these restrictions.
  7. Future Needs: Consider any future changes in your water usage requirements, such as expanding your household or increasing outdoor water needs. It may be beneficial to choose a rainwater tank with slightly larger capacity to accommodate these potential future demands.
  8. Budget: Determine your budget for purchasing and installing a rainwater tank, as larger tanks typically come at a higher cost. Find a balance between storage capacity and affordability that suits your financial considerations.
Can I use my water tank during Sunshine Coast water restrictions?

The usage of rainwater tanks during water restrictions in Sunshine Coast, QLD depends on the specific regulations and guidelines set by the local authorities. It’s important to consult the Sunshine Coast Council or relevant water authority to determine the specific rules applicable during water restrictions. However, in general, here are some considerations:

  1. Permitted Uses: During water restrictions, there may be restrictions on non-essential uses of water, such as outdoor watering and car washing. However, many water authorities encourage the use of rainwater tanks for certain purposes, especially for outdoor use like garden irrigation, as it helps reduce the strain on the municipal water supply.
  2. Compliance with Regulations: Ensure that your rainwater tank system complies with all relevant regulations and guidelines, including the proper installation, maintenance, and appropriate use of the system. It should meet any specific requirements set by the authorities to be eligible for use during water restrictions.
  3. Communication with Authorities: Stay informed about any specific restrictions or allowances for rainwater tank usage communicated by the Sunshine Coast Council or relevant water authority. They may have specific guidelines on the volume of rainwater that can be used, permitted uses, and any additional requirements or exemptions during water restrictions.
  4. Efficient Water Management: During water restrictions, it is important to use water efficiently and responsibly. Consider implementing water-saving measures and practices to maximize the effectiveness of the rainwater you collect, such as using mulch in the garden to reduce evaporation and optimizing irrigation schedules.

Always refer to the official information provided by the local authorities in Sunshine Coast, QLD, regarding rainwater tank usage during water restrictions. They can provide the most up-to-date and accurate guidelines based on the specific conditions and requirements in the area.

What type of water tank is suitable the Sunshine Coast climate?

Sunshine Coast climate is characterized by hot, humid summers and mild winters, with a considerable amount of rainfall throughout the year.

At Select we recommend Steel Tanks: Steel tanks, specifically those made from stainless steel. For add protection agaist salt water we also recommend our Marine Grade Steel Water Tanks. They are sturdy, long-lasting, and resistant to UV radiation.

Do I need a permit to install a water tank for the Sunshine Coast?

Pursuant to Building Regulation 2021, a building approval is not required where a rainwater tank is: less than 10m² in area. less than 3.6m in diameter. less than 2.4m in height.

Can I drink the water from my water tank on Sunshine Coast?

Yes, it is possible to drink the water from your water tank on the Sunshine Coast, but there are important considerations to ensure the safety and quality of the water:

  1. Proper Filtration and Purification: Rainwater collected in a tank should undergo appropriate filtration and purification processes before it is considered safe for drinking. This typically involves using filters to remove sediment and debris, as well as implementing disinfection methods such as UV sterilization or chlorination to eliminate potential pathogens or bacteria.
  2. System Design and Maintenance: A well-designed rainwater harvesting system, including proper installation, maintenance, and regular inspections, is crucial for ensuring water quality. This includes measures to prevent contamination, such as using gutter guards, a first flush diverter, and a well-sealed tank.
  3. Water Testing: Periodically testing the water from your tank is important to verify its quality. Water testing can identify any potential contaminants or issues with the system. Local health authorities or water testing laboratories can provide guidance on the appropriate tests to conduct and the frequency of testing.
  4. Personal Health Considerations: Individual health factors should be taken into account. Individuals with compromised immune systems, infants, pregnant women, and the elderly may have specific health concerns regarding the consumption of rainwater. It is advisable to consult with a healthcare professional for personalized advice based on individual circumstances.
  5. Backup Water Supply: It is recommended to have a backup water supply, such as a connection to the municipal water system or a separate potable water tank, for times when rainwater supply is insufficient or during maintenance and testing periods.

It is important to note that regulations regarding rainwater usage for drinking purposes can vary. It is advisable to check with the Sunshine Coast Council or local health authorities for specific guidelines and recommendations regarding the consumption of rainwater from your water tank in the Sunshine Coast area. They can provide the most accurate and up-to-date information on the safety and suitability of rainwater for drinking purposes in your specific location.

Water Tanks Sunshine Coast – Climate Information

Rainwater Harvesting and the Sunshine Coast
Source: Sunshine Coast Average Weather Stats

The climate in the Sunshine coast is one of the best in the world. Averaging around 7 hours of sunshine a day.

The majority of the rainfall occurs in the first few months of the year with an average of 300mm in Jan, Feb and March, this level drops significantly during the winter months to as little as 40mm in June, July and August.

This often causes water restrictions and is when stored water can deliver the most benefits to your home and garden.

Sunshine Coast Annual Average Rainfall

Water Tanks Sunshine-Coast Rainfall Chart