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Using Rainwater to Top Up Your Swimming Pool – A Sustainable Solution

by Jul 26, 2023Environment, Help & Advice

Southeast Queensland and Northern New South Wales are blessed with a lush, subtropical climate, inviting frequent showers and abundant rainfall. Amidst these regular downpours, lies an incredible opportunity to harness the power of rainwater and make it work wonders for your swimming pool.

Say goodbye to water wastage and embrace the eco-friendly solution of rainwater harvesting to top up your pool and more!

A Bounty of Rainwater for Your Pool

Nature’s bounty is often wasted as stormwater runoff from rooftops in these vibrant regions. Why let this water go to waste when you can put it to good use? With a smart rainwater harvesting system, you can collect and store rainwater to replenish your swimming pool and keep it crystal clear all year round.

Reducing Pool Water Loss

In the balmy summers of Southeast Queensland and Northern New South Wales, your pool faces natural water loss due to evaporation. The rates can vary depending on the specific location and season, but on average, pools lose about 200-300mm of water in a month. For larger pools, this could mean losing around 240 litres of water each day!

On top of evaporation, other factors like backwashing the water filter and active splashing during pool parties can further deplete your pool’s water level. But worry not, for rainwater harvesting comes to your rescue, ensuring your pool remains at its optimal level with a constant supply of replenishing rainwater.

Sustainable Solutions for Every Season

During times of water restrictions or drought, filling your pool with mains water might not be a feasible option. Instead of worrying about costly water delivery services, why not harness the rainwater bounty that surrounds you? Embrace rainwater harvesting as your sustainable and cost-effective solution to maintain your pool’s water level without any environmental strain.

By capturing rainwater, you become a water-saving champion, contributing to the conservation of precious water resources and minimizing the impact on local water supplies.

Effortless Automatic Pool Top-Up System

In Southeast Queensland and Northern New South Wales, integrating a rainwater storage tank into your pool top-up system is a breeze. As rainwater cascades from your rooftop, it passes through essential filtration and enters the storage tank. An ingenious gauge monitors the water level, ensuring any excess water safely diverts back to the stormwater system through an efficient overflow mechanism.

With various options available, you can easily customise your water delivery method, allowing gravity-fed or pumped water flow to your pool, making the process seamless and hassle-free.

Uncompromised Water Quality

Safety and cleanliness are paramount when it comes to your swimming pool. While chlorination and chemical balancing ensure sanitization, specific considerations apply to rainwater usage:

  1. Rooftop Material: In Southeast Queensland and Northern New South Wales, choosing suitable roofing materials ensures the water collected remains pure and uncontaminated.
  2. First Flush Systems: Implementing first flush systems removes initial pollutants and debris from rainwater before it enters the storage tank, maintaining the integrity of your pool water.

Your Rainwater Harvesting Experts: Select Water Tanks

In Southeast Queensland and Northern New South Wales, Select Water Tanks stands as your premier rainwater harvesting expert. Our family-owned company boasts over 15 years of experience, crafting approximately 1000 top-quality stainless steel and Colorbond rainwater tanks each year.

With a dedicated team of specialists, we take pride in delivering tailored solutions, providing quality round and slimline rainwater tanks to homes in these vibrant regions. Embrace sustainability and eco-conscious living with our efficient rainwater harvesting systems, while also contributing to water conservation efforts.

Transform your pool into an oasis of freshness with the power of rainwater. Join us at Select Water Tanks and let’s make a positive impact on the environment, one raindrop at a time. Harvest the deluge and let your pool glisten in the embrace of nature’s abundance!