The new look slimline units are great for their narrow shape that allows them to be space efficient. The slimline format also offers a modern fresh look for your home or business.

About Slimline Tanks

Due to the superior strength of Stainless Steel Slim Rainwater Tanks and our manufacturing process of welding, we are able to offer the largest range of slimline water storage tanks in Australia.

Our jumbo range covers tanks to a capacity of 7,000 litres and on special request we can manufacture tanks up to 18,000 litres. Our slimline water tanks enjoy tremendous popularity for their smart appearance and ability to fit in small niches and otherwise wasted spaces. Our super slim series (680mm wide) and the standard series (880mm wide) have to sit on a concrete base or pavers to ensure stability of the tank at all times.

Please refer to our Tank Sizes page for pricing and sizing information.

A 100mm reinforced concrete slab is the recommended base for a Slimline Water Tank. Please note that crusher dust is not a suitable base for our slimline tanks

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