Are Stainless Steel Rainwater Tanks Worth It?

 Six good reasons why it is worth buying a stainless-steel rainwater tank.

Save water

By having a stainless steel rain water tank in place you can capture the water that would otherwise run off via drains or culverts into the river systems.

By holding that water in the tank, you can use it at another time of for another purpose. The water can be used for agricultural, horticultural, manufacturing or household use.

Cost effective

Stainless steel rainwater tanks are very cost effective because they come with a 30-year warranty and we can guarantee they will still look good and last for well over 30 years.

For an average water tank this means you are only paying between $1 and $2 per week for the convenience of having such a tank without taking into account to value of the water they will hold in that time.

Look good

Stainless steel has become the metal of choice for architects and builders because of their traditional Australian look.

Because they are corrosion-resistant they will maintain their appearance for their natural life and also because they can be designed to a built in as a feature of a house or structure.


Stainless steel reflects the heat and keeps the water inside cool while the corrugations reduce the glare. Because the water stays cool in the hot sun, there is minimal opportunity for harmful bacteria and slime to build up inside the tank.

Because it is made of an inert material, stainless steel will not taint the taste of your water and it will not leach any foreign chemicals or plastics into the water.

It is the choice of food & beverage manufacturers and catering & medical industries because it keeps the contents hygienic and it is easy to clean and maintain.

Environmentally friendly

Stainless steel tanks have a low carbon footprint in production and they are fully recyclable.

Our metal scraps left over from production are seen as highly desirable by scrap-metal dealers because the main mineral components of stainless steel are highly valuable and can be recovered easily and reused.

Fire resistant

University researchers have found that water tanks made of stainless steel did not burn or split when fully exposed to fire for over 30 minutes. Therefore they are classed as bush-fire capable

They became slightly scorched and keep their structural integrity with very minor water loss. We can fit our stainless-steel water tanks with fire-fighting compliant fittings to meet Council requirements where necessary and so they can be hooked up to the local fire brigades’ hoses.

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