Are Stainless Steel Rainwater Tanks Worth It?

by Nov 22, 2023Bushfire Protection, Environment, Help & Advice, Product Info, Slimline Water Tanks

In the sunburnt land Down Under, the question of whether stainless steel rainwater tanks are worth the investment receives a resounding “Yes!” Here are six compelling reasons why these tanks are not just a practical choice but a quintessential addition to the Australian way of life.

Water Conservation

In a nation cherishing every droplet, stainless steel rainwater tanks serve as custodians of conservation. By adeptly capturing rainwater, these tanks divert it from drains and rivers, fashioning a reservoir indispensable for agricultural, horticultural, manufacturing, and domestic applications. They empower Australians to harness the intrinsic value of their natural surroundings. Check out our article on Rainwater Harvesting Australia to learn more about water in Australia


Many people think that stainless steel rainwater tanks are a nice to have but cost too much. This is not true!

One reason they are not so expensive is that we use much the same process to make Stainless Steel Tanks as we do when we are making Colorbond Water Tanks. Stainless steel itself is not made in Australia but we are able to buy in bulk and competitively from countries like Taiwan and Italy.

We can keep costs down because we have a special process where we process the raw stainless steel ourselves in our factory. So our stainless steel rainwater tanks can be built for a competitive price when we compare them with those made from Colorbond. On average the price differential averages out to be around only $700 more for a stainless steel compared to a similar size one made from Colorbond.

For example, for a round water tank of 10,000 litres, the cost is approximately only $500 more for a stainless steel tank over a tank made from Aquaplate / Colourbond. For a 20,000 litre round tank the price difference is approximately $1,000.

Slimline water tanks require the use of stainless steel rods to ensure they are strong. Consequentially the price differential is slightly larger. For example, for a 8500 litre slimline tank, the differential is around $1,000

Stainless Steel Water Tanks Look Great

Stainless steel, the preferred choice of Australian architects, seamlessly marries tradition with practicality. Beyond its corrosion-resistant attributes, these tanks are meticulously designed to elevate the visual appeal of homes and structures, seamlessly integrating with the iconic Australian landscape.

Round Stainless Steel Water Tank Examples

Slimline Stainless Steel Water Tank Examples

Hygienic Advantage: Cool Waters in the Aussie Heat

As the relentless Aussie sun beats down, stainless steel maintains the cool integrity of stored water, mitigating the risk of harmful bacteria and slime. With an inert composition, it ensures the purity of your water, making it the preferred choice for industries like food & beverage, catering, and medical.

Environmental Harmony: Australia’s Green Commitment

Reflecting Australia’s environmental stewardship, stainless steel rainwater tanks boast a low carbon footprint in production and full recyclability. Even the discarded metal scraps are highly coveted by scrap-metal dealers, aligning seamlessly with the country’s dedication to resource recovery. For more information check out our article How Are Water Tanks Eco Friendly?

Bushfire Resilience: Guardians in the Face of Flames

In a country where the threat of bushfires looms large, stainless steel water tanks emerge as steadfast guardians, unwavering in the face of this menacing adversary. Rigorous university research stands testament to their exceptional resilience, demonstrating an ability to endure direct exposure to intense fire for over 30 minutes without succumbing to its destructive forces.

These tanks are not only resilient in the face of flames but are also equipped with fire-fighting compliant fittings, meticulously designed to meet and exceed Council requirements. This specialised feature ensures that the tanks seamlessly integrate into fire safety protocols, enabling a swift and effective response to emergent situations. Furthermore, their compatibility with local fire brigade hoses transforms them into an indispensable line of defense against the unpredictable and devastating force of bushfires.

In essence, these stainless steel water tanks transcend their conventional role, becoming essential components of a community’s proactive approach to fire management. Their ability to withstand the heat and their strategic integration into firefighting infrastructure highlight their pivotal role in safeguarding lives, property, and the environment during the challenging times posed by bushfires.

For more information on bushfire resilience check out our post on Bushfire Water Tank Requirements.

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