Water Storage: Exploring 20,000-Litre Rainwater Tanks

by Jun 26, 2023Bushfire Protection, Help & Advice, Product Info

When it comes to water storage, having a robust and substantial tank is essential. The 20,000-litre rainwater tank is a game-changer, offering an impressive storage capacity that allows you to supplement your mains water supply and gain independence.

In this article, we will delve into the features, dimensions, customization options, and price considerations of 20000l water tanks.

20,000 Litre Water Tank Size & Dimensions

A 20,000-litre water tank provides a substantial storage capacity, making it ideal for residential, commercial, and agricultural applications. The tank’s dimensions play a crucial role in its installation and integration into your property.

At Select, we offer a huge range of customisation options for 20,000-litre tanks, allowing you to tailor the size to fit your specific needs. For instance, the tank can be approximately 3300mm in width and 2350mm in height, or it can have a narrower width of around 2900mm and a greater height of approximately 3100mm. These dimensions provide flexibility in fitting the tank into your desired location without compromising its storage capacity.

At Select, we understand that each property has unique requirements, and customization plays a vital role in meeting those needs. By offering the option to customize the size of your 20,000-litre water tank, they ensure a perfect fit for your available space. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements with us to determine the optimal dimensions that align with your property and installation needs.

Compliance with Fire Prone Area Regulations

In Australia, bushfires are a significant concern, particularly in fire-prone areas like Queensland and New South Wales. Meeting the Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) requirements is crucial for building in these regions to enhance fire resilience and ensure the safety of properties.

The BAL requirements encompass various aspects of construction, including having an adequate water supply for firefighting purposes. A 20,000-litre rainwater tank plays a vital role in meeting these requirements by providing a generous water supply that can be utilized by firefighting systems or equipment.

By incorporating a 20,000-litre rainwater tank into your property design, you can ensure there is an ample water source readily available to combat bushfires. This significantly enhances the fire safety and protection of your property, mitigating potential damages and safeguarding lives.

It is important to consider factors specific to the region when designing for bushfire resilience. This may include proper placement of the rainwater tank, considering its proximity to the property, accessibility for fire services, and adherence to local regulations, including the BAL requirements.

Consulting with local authorities or fire safety professionals can provide valuable guidance on meeting the specific BAL requirements in your area.

Water Independence and Supplementing Mains Supply

With a 20,000-litre water tank, you can substantially supplement your mains water supply, allowing you to become more self-sufficient and reduce reliance on external water sources. To determine how much capacity a 20,000-litre water tank can provide in relation to average daily water consumption, we can calculate the number of days the stored water would last based on the average daily usage of 340 litres per person.

For a household of:

  • 1 person: The tank can last approximately 58.8 days.
  • 2 people: The tank can last approximately 29.4 days.
  • 4 people: The tank can last approximately 14.7 days.

Benefits of a 20,000 Litre Steel Water Tank

We can summerise the benefits of a 20,000-litre rainwater tank below.

  1. Ample Water Storage: With a 20,000-litre tank, you have a substantial water reserve. This capacity is beneficial in areas prone to water restrictions, ensuring you have an adequate water supply.
  2. Water Conservation: Harvesting rainwater reduces reliance on mains water. Using collected rainwater for non-potable purposes lowers water consumption and promotes sustainable water management.
  3. Emergency Preparedness: A large rainwater tank enhances preparedness for emergencies, providing a reliable water source during power outages or natural disasters.
  4. Fire Safety: A 20,000-litre tank helps meet bushfire requirements, offering a significant water reserve for firefighting purposes and enhancing the fire resilience of your property.
  5. Versatile Use: The large capacity allows for various applications, including garden watering, irrigation, and agricultural needs.
  6. Cost Savings: Utilising rainwater reduces water bills and some regions offer rebates or incentives for installing rainwater tanks.
  7. Environmental Benefits: Rainwater harvesting conserves water resources and reduces the environmental impact of water treatment and distribution.

Select Water Tanks for high-quality 20,000-litre rainwater tanks

Ready to enhance your property’s fire resilience and water sustainability in Queensland? Choose Select Water Tanks for high-quality 20,000-litre rainwater tanks tailored to meet your needs. Our tanks are built to withstand the demands of the Australian climate and can be customised to comply with local regulations, including the BAL requirements in Queensland and New South Wales.

Explore our range of 20,000-litre rainwater tanks and discover customisable options to suit your property. With Select Water Tanks, you can trust in the durability, efficiency, and superior craftsmanship of our tanks. Take the first step towards greater fire safety and sustainable water management in Queensland and New South Wales. Contact us today for more information.