Brisbane: Australia’s City of Water Tanks!

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You probably know that Australia’s leading the world in solar panel adoption, and QLD is one of the top solar performers; but what you might not know is that sunny Brisbane also leads the way in installation of water tanks!

Brisbane Leads The Way for Water Efficient Cities


QLD summers can really be scorchers, and droughts are becoming more and more common; while they disproportionately impact regional and remote areas, they’re a problem for Brisbanites as well. Water restrictions have become a regular part of everyday life, especially in summer, leading more and more Brisbane homes and businesses to harness the lifegiving (and free!) natural resource of rainwater. In fact, according to the folks at Brisbane City Council, Brisbane is one of the most water efficient cities in the developed world – huzzah!

About half of homes in Brisbane have water tanks installed, which is certainly unusual for a capital city; Adelaide also comes close behind. This is a surprise to many people, especially since water tanks are commonly thought of as the purview of country towns and remote communities with limited access to mains water supply. But with Australia facing a freshwater crisis, water rates are on the rise, and reservoirs are running increasingly low. However, it’s not just beating water restrictions or the sustainability case that has got Brisbanites installing rainwater tanks in droves; it’s also the after-effects of local government policy. Until 2014, every new house built in Brisbane was required for many years to have a rainwater tank installed, and anyone planning renovations also had to install a water tank. It’s no longer compulsory, but with the hundreds of dollars a years in savings that homeowners with water tanks enjoy, the economic case has spoken for itself, and water tanks have taken off! On top of that, Brisbane residents are enjoying not having to worry about severe water restrictions like four minute showers, or how their lawn will fare during droughts.

Living in a bustling capital city, many Brisbane residents choose slimline water tanks rather than round water tanks, and for very good reason: this space-saving rectangular design makes the most of your backyard, and can be installed in narrower spaces than the traditional round design. They’re also widely considered a more attractive choice!

Brisbane Australia’s City of Water Tanks 1
Brisbane Australia’s City of Water Tanks 1

Considering a Water Tank for Your Brisbane Home?


If you’re thinking of getting a water tank for your Brisbane home, the good news is: there’s generally no need to get planning approval. However, your tank may still need building approval, so it’s best to talk to your local Council about what approvals you might need. If you’re installing a water tank in a non-residential zone, have a chat with your local Council too, as there may be more specific requirements (especially if you’re in a bushfire overlay area and subject to the Bushfire Overlay Code).

And if you’re looking for a reliable, professional Brisbane-based manufacturer and supplier of water tanks, look no further: At Select Water Tanks we build stainless steel and colorbond slimline and round water tanks, custom made in our factory so as to deliver the highest quality water tanks at the very best price.

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