Positioning and delivering your water tank

Site Preparation

Construction of the water tank base is critical. The base must
be flat, level and fully supporting the bottom and the rim of the tank
and at least 100 mm greater than the base of the tank.

Damage to water tanks caused by poor base construction may
not be covered under warranty

Concrete slab
• A concrete base is preferred and should be 100mm thick
• Concrete blend should at least 20 MPA with F72 reinforcing mesh
• Tanks positioned on sloping ground may need extra reinforcing (we recommend seeking further advise from a qualified concretor)

Crusher dust
• Crusher dust can be appropriate for larger diameter round tanks
• Base should be at least 100 mm thick
• It should be retained with a border to prevent erosion (the edge of the tank should sit well inside the edge of the border incase of subsidence)
• It is recommended that gravel/course aggregate should be spread over
the exposed crusher dust after the tank is positioned to prevent erosion

Concrete pavers.
• Concrete pavers should be placed on a bed of crusher dust or a
sand & cement mix over 75 mm thick
• Unless compacted properly, the base will settle. It is advisable to
fill the tank to only a depth of 100mm for at least 48 hours

Will You Need a Crane?

Any tank under 25,000 Litres in capacity can be managed without the use of a crane assuming access is unobstructed. However, we do request at least one other person on site to give us a hand in many circumstances, sometimes two.

Should a crane be required it is the responsibility of the customer to arrange.  Select Water Tanks can then co-ordinate the timing of the delivery with the crane operator.   Select Water Tanks can supply the lifting gear but we request the crane operator supplies the spreader bar.

Delivered to the Pad

Select Water Tanks will make sure your new water tank is delivered and positioned directly on the pad.  Our tanks, while strong and durable, do require some careful handling to make sure they arrive in perfect condition.  Of course we ask that the access to the pad is unobstructed so we can operate efficiently and safely.

Estimating Delivery Charges


The Pins on the map below will show an estimate of the delivery charge when clicked. The actual charges can vary according to particular site requirements associated with delivering your tank. Contact us for a specific quote.

Zoom in or out to find a location of similar distance from the Select Water Tanks factory in Logan Village, Qld.


Select Water Tanks

Select Water Tanks

57-63 Centenary Place, Logan Village, Qld


Delivery $180

Gold Coast

Delivery = $80

Byron Bay

Delivery = $180


Delivery = $80

Sunshine Coast

Delivery = $180


Delivery = $220


Kyogle = $180


Delivery = $260


Delivery = $220


Delivery = $260

Hervey Bay

Delivery = $400


Delivery = $700


Delivery = $400

Coffs Harbour

Delivery = $460


Delivery = $80


Delivery = $320

Glen Innes

Delivery = $400


Delivery = $80