Keeping Mosquitoes out of your Water Tank

by Mar 14, 2022Environment, Help & Advice

Mosquitoes love to breed in standing water whether that is 2 meters deep or down to as little as 2cm deep. Both inside and outside a water tank needs attention if mosquitoes are to be controlled and eliminated.

Adding Kerosene | Medicinal Paraffin to Your Water

One of the traditional ways to prevent mosquitoes breeding was to use a small amount of kerosene in your water tank. It was thought this was harmless but the World Health Organisation advises against it because of its toxicity, and it causes nasty side effects such as respiratory irritation and dermatitis.

Although it will prevent mosquito larvae from developing, its impact only lasts for a very short time. If you really need to use a chemical then the use of a small amount of medicinal paraffin is recommended.

keeping mosquitoes out water tank kerosene

Additional Ways to Keep Mosquitoes Out of Your Water Tank

There are numerous other ways you can prevent mosquitoes from breeding in and around your water tank(s).

  • When you first set up your water tanks make sure all the inlet and outlet mechanisms are not accessible to mosquitoes. For example, the inlet, outlet and overflow mechanisms need to be covered with a fine but strong mesh. Regularly check that the mesh is sealed properly and not damaged and that any subsequent additional fittings are also appropriately screened with mesh.
  • Check for any puddles that might arise from any possible leaks.
  • Regularly clean your tanks and prevent the water in them from lying stagnant too long.
  • Regularly clean your gutters and downpipes and ensure they are flushed occasionally.
  • Keep your property around the tank clear of anything that could hold water.

At Select Water Tanks we always ensure that all fittings are appropriately screened and sealed. We also provide an inlet filter system that ensures no daylight enters the tank to prevent bacteria from thriving. If you have any concerns you can contact us for more information.